Mines and Associates

Mines and Associates is a psychology firm that provides behavioral health management services and employee assistance programs (EAPs). The company has helped people of all backgrounds manage stress, family problems, depression and addiction.

Does Mines and Associates Cover Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Many people with substance use disorders undergo detox. Mines and Associates does not cover drug and alcohol detox, but the company manages clients’ behavioral health services, which may include detox.

Drug or alcohol detox can last from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the severity of a person’s substance use disorder. Throughout this process, Mines and Associates manages a person’s health services and helps the individual decide whether or not to continue with treatment.

Benefits Offered from Mines and Associates for Addiction Treatment

If you have a substance use disorder, Mines and Associates can help. The company’s counseling services can help people better understand the causes of their drug or alcohol misuse. The company provides between three and eight counseling sessions per week.

Mines and Associates also provides other wellness services, fitness and nutrition coaching. Engaging in physical activity and eating healthy foods can help you cope with a substance use disorder.

Will Mines and Associates Cover My Entire Stay for Addiction Treatment

Mines and Associates is not an insurance company. Therefore, the company does not cover costs for addiction treatment. However, the company manages a person’s behavioral health services, including their time in detox, inpatient care and outpatient treatment.

Find Out More About What My Mines and Associates Plan Covers

You can learn more about Mines and Associates by visiting the company’s website. The website can provide employees and providers with information about its wellness services, including its EAP and counseling options.


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