How Alcohol Affects The Body

Drinking alcohol has a lot of negative consequences on the overall health of your body. Even getting slightly inebriated puts your body and physical health at risk of injury, or even accidental death. The short-term effects of alcohol can be more immediately felt, however, the long-term effects of alcohol take longer to materialize, but can be quite damaging. In this … Read More

The Key Signs of Alcohol Overdose

Every single year alcohol poisoning sends thousands of people to the hospital. Some people aren’t so lucky, but others do recover and yet they still can sustain lasting brain damage, along with other negative health consequences. When an alcohol overdose occurs you have to act fast in order to help save a loved one or peer. If you’re able to … Read More

How Does Alcohol Affect Blood Pressure?

Even though alcohol can seemingly be a lot of fun, it does have a lot of unintended health risks. Drinking more than three drinks in a single sitting will temporarily cause your blood pressure to rise, but extended binge drinking, or regular alcohol consumption can cause a permanent increase in blood pressure. Below we highlight the effects alcohol can have … Read More

What Are The Long Term Effects of Alcohol?

Affordable, legal, and easy to obtain for the majority of the population, alcohol is the most widely abused substance in the US. Although “harder” drugs like cocaine, heroin, and even prescription medications are known for their ability to destroy lives when abused, alcohol can be just as damaging. From your first sip to your last, misuse of alcohol can have … Read More

Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells?

The idea that alcohol kills brain cells has been around for quite some time. It’s been repeated so often a lot of people believe it’s fact. Some people believe that even having one too many drinks will lead to brain damage. Drinking heavily over a long period of time does cause certain forms of mental decline, and drinking during the … Read More

The Warning Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

When someone binge drinks too much alcohol in a short period of time their blood alcohol level becomes so high that it’s toxic. When not taken care of immediately alcohol poisoning can be fatal. Alcohol poisoning can also be an indicator of alcoholism, or having a problem with drinking. Below we highlight the effects that alcohol has on your body, … Read More

What Are The Signs And Symptoms of Cocaine Abuse?

Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive drug with a number of symptoms that can help you spot abuse. Because it’s so addictive, “habitual” users rarely exist; users’ lives become a search for the next high. Cocaine can be smoked, inhaled through the nose (snorted), or injected, and each of these has varying symptoms and signs. The effects of cocaine begin … Read More

Can You Really Detox From Alcohol At Home?

If your life has been consumed by alcohol and you’ve finally decided it’s time to give it up once and for all it can be tempting to want to do it yourself in the safety of your own home. Going this route will save you the cost of detox and might seem like the easiest option. However, it’s often not the … Read More