A Dangerous Concoction: Klonopin And Alcohol

Most prescription medications shouldn’t be taken with alcohol. This is a dangerous combo that can lead to several unfortunate health problems. When taken under the controlled environment of a medical doctor, the negative effects of these drugs can be minimized. However, most recreational users of this drug tend to take Klonopin and other prescription medications along with alcohol in order … Read More

The Klonopin High: Side Effects, Addiction and Treatment

The nature of pharmaceuticals, especially those like Klonopin, is that while some find relief and have no ill effects, others will abuse it. While Klonopin, and benzodiazepines in general, can certainly help an individual maintain a number of diagnoses, it can also very quickly lead to an addiction as the body builds up a tolerance and the individual keeps seeking … Read More

Klonopin: Withdrawal Symptoms and Addiction Treatment

Klonopin can bring about a variety of severe withdrawal symptoms. Due to its extremely addictive nature, the withdrawal symptoms of Klonopin can start very quickly, even if you’ve been prescribed the drug by a doctor. If you, or a loved one, has been abusing the drug without a proper prescription this only increases your chances of addiction. Below we cover … Read More

How Life Is Affected By Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is a prevalent issue, and one that develops when a woman drinks throughout her pregnancy. Doing so can inhibit their baby’s growth and can lead to severe birth defects that will last for their lifetime. This isn’t an isolated issue. Over 8% of pregnant women have reported binge drinking. Over 9% admitted drinking alcohol over … Read More

The Life of An Adult With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

As an adult with fetal alcohol syndrome, you’re going to be facing a series of uphill battles. Fetal alcohol syndrome of FAS is a group of overlying conditions and signs that point to the condition. Below we highlight what fetal alcohol syndrome is, the long-tern effects of FAS, how you can prevent fetal alcohol syndrome from occurring, and the treatment … Read More

I Drink. But How Can I Tell If I’m An Alcoholic?


Alcohol seems to saturate our culture. Drinking is one of the most commonly accepted drugs by a widespread margin. That’s why it’s not always easy to tell when your own, or a loved one’s, drinking has crossed the line from being a social and moderate drinker, into having a problem. You want to be able to honestly answer the question, … Read More

The Valium High: Abuse Symptoms, Withdrawal and Treatment

Valium is prescribed for a variety of reasons. It’s commonly used to help treat anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and muscle pain. It’s widely known for its ability to relax muscles, and its sedative properties. The goal of this drug is to balance the GABA neurotransmitter within the brain. Overactive and out of balance brain activity can be the reason for … Read More

An Overview of Valium Addiction: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Valium is an effective medication for treating a variety of medical conditions and is one of the most widely-prescribed drugs of its kind in the United States.  However, due to the high risk for dependency, it is classified as a Schedule IV Depressant under the Controlled Substances Act.  Read on to find out more about valium and valium addiction — … Read More