Why Should I Choose Medical Detox Over At-Home Detox?

why medical detox is your best option

When I stopped drinking, I knew nothing about detox. I don’t think many drinkers do. When drinking or drugs take over your life, the best you can hope for is staying alive day by day. When you consider a big life change and finally decide to leave drugs and alcohol behind, you might not even be thinking about how it … Read More

Understanding And Treating Delirium Tremens

Knowing the in's and out's of delirium tremens

Though many people know that alcohol withdrawal can be physically uncomfortable, they don’t always realize it can also be fatal. In addition to the long-term effects of prolonged alcohol use, there are also immediate discomforts when withdrawing from alcohol, such as nausea, vomiting, shaking, and trouble sleeping. However, these are minor withdrawal symptoms in comparison to the severe ones, which include seizures … Read More

Cannabis Use Disorder: Making It Through Marijuana Withdrawal

tools to help overcome marijuana withdrawal

Let’s face it, people have been smoking weed since the 1970s. But whether you’re a recreational toker or a slave to marijuana, stopping is no small thing. Sure, you might make promises to yourself to stop smoking pot, but when your friends offer you a hit from the bong, you just can’t resist.  You try following the , but the cravings … Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Marijuana Addiction

marijuana addiction and dependence

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. Smoking weed is often romanticized, shown in the media as fun and lighthearted. This drug is thought of as non-addictive and non-dangerous to many. It’s even being legalized in different states around the U.S. as we speak. Marijuana has the reputation of being “natural” because it’s a plant … Read More

It’s Not Just Weed! The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

synthetic marijuana

For anyone paying attention to the marijuana industry lately, it seems like it’s almost become 100% legit. Medical marijuana facilities are flourishing, with about 25 states currently allowing medical marijuana facilities. State tax coffers in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, the four states that allow marijuana retail sales, are rising and above expectations, according to a 2016 Tax Foundation report. And legal … Read More

5 Myths and Realities About Addiction And Recovery

Addiction Myths

When I first ventured into sobriety and recovery, I couldn’t help but think about everything that I had heard about addicts in the past. When it came to addiction, I had been told everything from, “addicts can stop any time they want to,” or “he/she must come from a bad home life since he/she is an addict,” and even, “his/her … Read More

Drug and Alcohol Detox: How Medications Can Help

Drug Detox Medications

During the detox process, the body rids itself of remaining traces of abused substances. This is also the time when withdrawal symptoms (both mild and severe) can occur— including cravings, pain, tremors, trouble sleeping, anxiety, irritability, and even life-threatening risks. Medically managed detox uses medications to manage withdrawal symptoms and treat addiction to ensure a detox that is safe and … Read More