Heroin Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatment Options

heroin withdrawal symptoms and treatment options

As of 2014, 586,000 Americans had a heroin-related substance use disorder. Compared to the 21.5 million people who had a substance use disorder of any kind in the same year, this figure may seem low, but heroin use is incredibly dangerous. 23% of those who use heroin develop an addiction and 40% of all lethal overdoses in 2014 were caused by heroin. … Read More

5 AA Daily Affirmations That Helped Me Maintain Sobriety

Mastering the Use of AA Daily Affirmations

As someone who has participated in 12-step meetings as part of my recovery, I’ve heard a plethora of AA’s daily affirmations. At first, they didn’t really resonate with me. I became irritated upon hearing them over and over, and impatient with the people repeating them to me. None of the little sayings felt true in my life because of how early … Read More

Alcoholic Myopathy: Dangers, Symptoms, and Treatments

alcoholic myopathy

As with any substance use disorder, alcoholism comes with serious detriments to your overall health. An alcohol addiction can affect your ability to think, move normally, and fight off disease. It can also increase your risk of cancer, pancreatitis, and liver and heart diseases. But one of the most disturbing possibilities is alcoholic myopathy, or increased muscle weakness, decreased muscle strength, … Read More

Alcohol’s Effects On The Nervous System

how alcohol affects your nervous system

I’m sure that many people know firsthand or have witnessed, the effects of alcohol consumption.  What a lot of us don’t realize, and often can’t see, is how alcohol can affect the body’s nervous system—temporarily and permanently. The nervous system First, let’s start with some basic knowledge of the nervous system: The central nervous system (CNS) consists of the brain and … Read More

How to Treat Alcohol Poisoning: The Signs, Symptoms & What to Do

how to treat alcohol poisoning

More than 600,000 people land in emergency departments every year because they’re too intoxicated — and an average of six people die every day from alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning occurs when a person drinks a lot of alcohol in a short time period. High levels of alcohol can shut down parts of the brain that support critical life functions, such … Read More

What is an Alcohol Intervention and How Do They Work?

alcoholism intervention

You may have heard the term intervention before, whether it’s the T.V. show or a word used casually amongst friends when they want to tell a loved one something important. The key thing to know here is an intervention should not be thought of as something casual. An intervention is a tool used to help those who are suffering from … Read More

Are You In A Codependent Relationship?

Signs of a codependent relationship

When it comes to relationships, many different dynamics can often be at play. In alcoholism or addiction and recovery, codependent relationships are somewhat common, and can be detrimental to recovery. Sometimes it may be time to walk away from a relationship, and codependency is one of those times. What is a codependency? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines codependency as “a psychological condition in which someone … Read More

How Do You Know If It’s Alcohol Abuse Or Alcoholism?

alcohol abuse vs. alcoholism

During my drinking years, I was in deep denial about having a problem with alcohol. I blamed negative consequences on everything but the drink—it was either bad luck, bad timing, or I just had a bad night. The stigma associated with “alcoholism” kept me sick. I was afraid to entertain this word because I thought it meant I was a … Read More

How To Cope With Opiate Withdrawal

coping with opiate opioid withdrawal

  Addiction to opioids such a heroin, morphine, and prescription pain relievers is a problem that affects millions of Americans. For many, seeking help isn’t an option they’ve considered. For others, stopping is a real issue, and the withdrawal process can be difficult to get through. In fact, when you’re trying to overcome opiate addiction, withdrawal can be a major … Read More