5 Qualities To Look For In An AA Sponsor

how to pick an aa sponsor

Though 12-step programs are not for everyone, those who do participate in them are likely familiar with the term “sponsor.” In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a sponsor is a person who can offer a newcomer support and understanding based on personal experience. Sponsors often take those who are newly sober through the 12 steps and act as a mentor of sorts. … Read More

How To Tell People You Struggle With Alcoholism


Admitting you have a problem with alcohol and getting sober isn’t easy, but it doesn’t always become easier when you stop drinking. Sooner or later you’re going to face another challenge: telling people that you have a struggle with alcoholism. Sometimes a period of life lived under the shadow of an addiction to alcohol takes place in private, away from … Read More

What To Do When Relapse Happens

how to help a loved one relapse

After a person has decided to get sober from drugs or alcohol, the possibility of relapse is always a looming fear. Usually, treatment programs or support groups address relapse as a prevention model in hopes of preparing someone for what to expect when it comes to relapsing. Most people won’t be able to fully understand the experience of a relapse … Read More

Does Relapse Mean Failure?


A common saying in substance use recovery is, “relapse is a part of recovery.” While it is true that a reoccurrence of substance use is possible (substance use disorders are a chronic disease, which often comes with a period of symptoms re-emerging), it by no means is required in everyone’s recovery, and if it does happen, does not mean that … Read More

How Should You Detox from Drugs?

drug detox methods

If you or a loved one is living with a drug addiction, the natural next step is to seek treatment, right? But when looking at so many different approaches to recovery and detoxing, how do you know what the best solution will be for you? Everyone has different experiences when it comes to various detox methods—for some, going “cold turkey” … Read More

4 Myths About Addiction And Recovery (And Why They’re Not True)

addiction myths and facts

When it comes to addiction and recovery, it’s vital to have the facts. The problem is that sometimes the facts are overshadowed by the myths that surround the world of addiction and recovery, and it can be difficult to sort what is true from what is not. In order to help you make that distinction, the following are some of … Read More

6 Vitamins And Supplements For Opiate Withdrawal

vitamins opiate withdrawal

Anyone who has gone through with narcotics withdrawal, especially when it comes to opiates, knows how challenging it can be. The physical, emotional, and mental toll that it takes on individuals can be excruciating, which is why it’s so important that they have the right tools and support to get them through it safely. Depending on the severity of the … Read More

How Does Drug Abuse Start?

How Does Drug Abuse Start?

Drug abuse begins somewhere for everyone. Whether a person has been battling a substance abuse disorder for weeks, months or years, they all have a story as to how their use became abuse or addiction. Though this differs somewhat for everyone, there are some common threads. How Does Drug Abuse Become An Addiction? When a person takes drugs, it interferes … Read More