Huge Jump in Addicted Newborns Alarms Colorado Physicians

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The number of newborns born addicted to opioids in Colorado has jumped 83 percent from 2010 to 2015, giving yet another indication of the growing opioid addiction problem in that state and across the US. Children born addicted to opiates may have low birth weight, be harder to comfort than a typical baby, and have trouble eating and sleeping. In … Read More

Denver Schools Address Student Addiction with Counselors and Therapy Dogs

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Six Denver area public schools have begun to provide access to drug treatment for students through School-Based Health Centers developed from a partnership with Denver Health. Through the program, which is intended to increase the number of teens who access addiction treatment, students can participate in treatment during school hours so that they do not miss their classes and parents … Read More

How to Enjoy the Holidays Sober in Colorado

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The holidays are one of the most difficult times of the year for those in recovery, whether in Colorado or elsewhere. Temptations can be frequent and can seem to be everywhere: parties where alcohol may be served, family members who can trigger memories of previous trauma or be “sandpaper people” who still cause stress today, and expectations that can make … Read More

Counterfeit Pill Danger: What Coloradoans Should Know

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One of the causes of the current opioid overdose epidemic is thousands–some say hundreds of thousands or millions –of counterfeit pills that have flooded the US street drug market in recent years, including in Colorado. These drugs are made with illegal pill presses with synthetic drugs that can be 50 to 100 times stronger than the prescription opioids that users … Read More

Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Management Strategies for Colorado Veterans

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According to the most recent census figures, there are nearly 400,000 military veterans living in Colorado, and that figure continues to grow. Many veterans cope with chronic pain as a result of injuries received in battle or from other reasons. It is challenging to treat chronic pain, especially without using opioids, but there are strategies that can accomplish pain management … Read More

Genetics and Addiction: What Coloradoans Should Know

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  There is a genetic component that contributes to whether a person becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the initial choice to use drugs or alcohol is influenced by many factors, but whether that initial use turns into addiction is determined in part by genetics and family history. Research has … Read More

Colorado Considering Controversial Safe Drug Injection Sites

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Colorado lawmakers are looking into the possibility of opening a safe injection site in Denver where drug users could go to inject their drugs safely and privately. Safe drug injection sites exist in Canada and more than 20 cities in Europe, but none yet exist in the United States. The safe injection sites provide a place for drug users to … Read More

Building a Strong Support Network after Colorado Rehab

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Transitioning from Colorado drug rehab back into your life is easier if you have a strong support network. Though you may begin your journey thinking that you can achieve and maintain recovery without help from others, having support for your new sober life is important for several reasons. Why Strong Support Is Important Everyone has strong and weak moments in … Read More

Bipartisan Committee Puts Forward Six Bills to Fight Colorado Opioid Epidemic

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A bipartisan committee in Colorado has approved six bills aimed at assisting the fight against opioid abuse and overdoses. The bills will be considered during the next legislative session in January. The Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders Interim Study Committee met for four months to consider recommendations and found broad support in a community that has seen the rate … Read More