Are You Enabling an Addict in Colorado?

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When treatment professionals talk about enabling an addict, they mean acting in ways that seem to provide help to an addict but actually allow them to continue the addictive behavior. All those in treatment need loving help and support, but enabling does not help addicts overcome their behavior; it actually helps them stay addicted, which is the opposite of what … Read More

How to Handle Addiction and Pregnancy in Colorado Drug Rehab

For women who are pregnant, addiction treatment can save both mother and baby. Pregnant addicts have unique needs that must be addressed as soon as possible in order to ensure the best possible outcome for the situation.  Addiction during pregnancy can put both mother and child at risk of serious complications and even death. Substances used by a woman while … Read More

Should You Date While You Are in Colorado Rehab?

Your time in a Colorado rehab can be an intensely emotional experience with many difficult emotions to process and work through. Romantic relationships also take a great deal of emotional and mental energy, so they should be approached with great caution during your stay in rehab.  Reasons Dating During Rehab May Be Problematic To be successful in Colorado rehab takes … Read More

How to Handle a Friend’s Relapse after Colorado Rehab

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A friend's relapse can be a difficult thing for a recovering addict to handle. You may have spent many hours in rehab talking about your addictions and about life, discovering what you have in common, and planning your sober futures after rehab. Now, your friend has decided to give up on sobriety and go back to abusing drugs or alcohol.  … Read More

Why Family Members of Colorado Addicts Need Support

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Addicts in Colorado drug rehab cannot be successful in treatment without support from friends and family members that care about them and want to help. It is not easy, however, to provide the support an addicted family member needs in order to recover. Family members of addicts need to find support themselves in order to give support to their addicted … Read More

Drug Tolerance and Addiction: What Coloradoans Should Know

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When you take a particular drug over a long period of time, several things can happen. The tolerance for that drug can increase, you can become physically dependent on the drug, and you can become addicted. Each of these things is distinct from the others and should lead to a different level of help and treatment.  The Difference Between Tolerance, … Read More

Finding Help for Depression in Colorado Drug Rehab

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Depression often goes hand-in-hand with substance abuse, leading to what treatment professionals call a co-occurring disorder.  In many cases, depression is the main reason why people start abusing drugs or alcohol, and less often, the substance abuse causes or worsens symptoms of depression so that it becomes more severe and noticeable than it was before.  How Depression and Substance Abuse … Read More

What Types of Mental Health Professionals Will You Find in Colorado Drug Rehab Facilities?

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When you are admitted to a Colorado drug rehab facility, a team of dedicated professionals stands ready to help you reach your sobriety goals. To provide comprehensive addiction treatment, a number of different personnel work together on different aspects of your recovery. Here are some of the treatment professionals that you will find in Colorado drug rehab facilities. Behavioral Health … Read More

Marijuana Legalization: The True Effects for Colorado

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Colorado residents 21 and older have been allowed to legally use marijuana for recreational purposes since 2012, so it is worthwhile to look at how legalization has impacted the use of marijuana in the state, and what the effects of legalization have been on the state as a whole. Under-21 Use Is Higher Than States Without Legal Marijuana One impact … Read More