5 Reasons to Seek Treatment Before You Hit “Rock Bottom” October 31st, 2019 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News 5 Reasons to Seek Treatment Before You Hit “Rock Bottom”

5 Reasons to Seek Treatment Before You Hit “Rock Bottom”

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Hitting “rock bottom” means different things to different people struggling with addiction. For some, it could mean losing a relationship, a job or a home that was very important to you. For others, it could happen when your mental health is compromised or you find yourself doing things to get drugs or alcohol that you never thought you would do. In many cases, rock bottom happens when you almost lose your life to drug or alcohol use.

Universally speaking, rock bottom happens when you think you cannot go any lower. Sometimes you really cannot, while other times you will find a new bottom if you keep using substances. Finding Colorado addiction treatment resources before you hit rock bottom is generally a beneficial thing to do, and there are some great reasons to do so.

1. Sometimes Rock Bottom Comes Too Late.

Addiction is a complex disease that has claimed many lives through accidental overdose, premature death and even suicide. If you wait until you hit rock bottom before getting help, you may end up losing your life to the disease when you could otherwise recover and enjoy a long, satisfying life.

2. Rock Bottom Is a Perception.

Although you may feel like you have hit rock bottom, many who struggle with addiction find that they go through multiple lows that feel like the bottom, but actually are not. Feeling like you hit rock bottom is not the best reason to get treatment; knowing that you need help is the best reason, even if it may seem like you are holding it together pretty well.

Women crying while dealing with addiction.

Rock bottom may be too late to stop an addiction, so you should get help now to treat it.

3. The Longer You Use Substances, the Harder It Is to Stop.

The impacts of drugs and alcohol on your body get worse the longer you use. The longer you use, the longer it takes to get back to normal and the greater chance you have of being unable to fully recover. Stopping the addiction sooner rather than later can make treatment and recovery easier and lead to better outcomes than continuing to use for a longer period of time.

4. Some Damage From Drug and Alcohol Use Is Irreversible.

Each and every time you use substances, you take the risk of doing irreparable damage to your body, your mind, your relationships and your overall life. Even a drug considered relatively harmless, like marijuana, has been known to cause psychosis in some cases from which the user never recovers. Getting treatment sooner rather than later can prevent something irreversible from happening to you and allow you to preserve as much of your mental and physical health as you can.

5. Rock bottom Is a Dangerous Game.

Waiting until you hit rock bottom is a dangerous game that should not be played. You can make a decision on any given day to stop engaging in behaviors that have the power to destroy your life or end it, breaking the power of the rock-bottom addiction myth. The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake wants to help you recover before you have to hit rock bottom. Contact us today to begin your journey toward recovery and good health.

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