7 Ways Drug Rehab Aftercare in Colorado Supports Recovering Addicts December 5th, 2019 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News 7 Ways Drug Rehab Aftercare in Colorado Supports Recovering Addicts

7 Ways Drug Rehab Aftercare in Colorado Supports Recovering Addicts

Drug rehab in Colorado

After treatment at a drug rehab in Colorado, it is important to pursue aftercare to get the maximum benefits from your treatment. Here are some ways aftercare supports recovering addicts.

1. Aftercare helps you deal with issues of transition.

Going back into “real life” is a huge transition, and you need support to help you make changes that will sustain your recovery efforts and help you maintain your sobriety over the long term.

2. Aftercare gives you a place to go when you start to falter or feel like you need more support.

Many drug rehab programs in Colorado and elsewhere offer the minimum number of days or months in treatment because of cost considerations and stringent insurance guidelines. Chances are that the need for treatment is not over when the treatment program is, and aftercare is a chance to continue healing and working through difficult times as they occur.

3. Aftercare can offer a new lifestyle when the old one has led to addiction.

One type of aftercare is a sober living house, which is staffed with counselors and treatment professionals to help support post-treatment life and help you learn new ways of living that do not include substance abuse. This type of aftercare is especially helpful when your living situation is such that triggers to use would be very difficult to avoid.

4. Aftercare can lessen the chances of relapse.

It stands to reason that aftercare with ongoing therapy, group therapy, and other support services prevent relapse more effectively than just throwing yourself back into your old life and hoping you can cope. Studies show that aftercare does lead to lower incidences of relapse and can help you learn how to move forward successfully after drug rehab in Colorado or elsewhere.

Drug rehab in Colorado

5. Aftercare can help you stay connected to positive influences.

Counselors, fellow addicts in recovery, and other caring staff members are available during aftercare programs to ensure that you still have some positive influences in your life even if you have to return to a less-than-ideal living situation.

6. Aftercare reminds you to keep up with self-care.

A lack of self-care depletes your emotional reserves and makes you more vulnerable to resuming substance use and abuse. Self-care includes proper eating, exercising, sleeping, taking prescribed medications, and tending to emotional needs in a healthy way. All of these factors are important to continued sobriety and ongoing recovery for you, and part of aftercare will include encouraging and checking up on self-care efforts.

7. Aftercare provides accountability.

Aftercare after rehab provides accountability. When you know that someone will be checking up on you and will see if you are falling back into old habits, it becomes easier to maintain sobriety.

The success of a treatment program has only just begun when you leave inpatient treatment. Aftercare can have a great impact on the long-term success of your treatment and on sobriety. Contact us to find out about our treatment programs and the types of aftercare we provide and facilitate.

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