Al-Anon: Where Colorado Families Find Support August 14th, 2018 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
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Al-Anon: Where Colorado Families Find Support

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When someone you love has a substance use disorder, it can be a real challenge to handle how his or her addiction affects you and others in the family. Knowing how to best help and support family members to seek treatment or support them while they are in treatment takes patience and understanding that is not always easily found. Family members need support and help, and Al-Anon is a great resource for anyone dealing with another person's addiction.

Finding Support at Al-Anon

Al-Anon is a sister organization to Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous that helps family members and loved ones as they support and deal with those who are addicted. Like AA and NA, Al-Anon holds support meetings based around the same 12 steps those meetings use, but are tailored toward parents, siblings, children, and other family members or friends and their needs. 

These support groups use the same anonymity as their counterparts, so no one has to worry that their family member's struggles will be made public by another group member or in any other way. Al-Anon is free to participants and has the goal of helping those who attend to recover from the trauma and damage caused by their loved ones' addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

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Al-Anon can provide both group and individual support to those with loved ones who suffer from substance use disorder.

Not only do the meetings themselves provide helpful information and the opportunity to hear how others have recovered or are in the process of recovering from the trauma and damage of another person's addiction, but there are always people at the meetings who can talk one-on-one afterward to provide even more help and support. 

Al-Anon and Narc-Anon have helped countless family members and loved ones confront addiction, help them find help and treatment, and support them as they move into recovery. Other than family counseling, which may be part of a treatment program, there are not too many places family members can go for help to deal with a loved one's addiction, so Al-Anon has proved to be a valuable resource. 

An offshoot of Al-Anon, Alateen is particularly geared toward teens dealing with a parent, other relative, or friend's addiction. Others' addictions can have a profound effect on teens, who are in their own formative years, so the help and support of Alateen have been essential for them as they continue to grow and develop into healthy adults. 

Helping Yourself So You Can Help Others

Addiction often causes or reflects unhealthy family dynamics that have gone on for a long period of time and profoundly impacted everyone in the family. Healing those family dynamics takes a lot of time and effort, but if you do not take the steps needed to help yourself get healthier, it becomes nearly impossible to help your loved one no matter how much you want to do so. Al-Anon helps to unravel these unhealthy dynamics and give you the resources you need to help your loved one more effectively. 

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