What’s a Sober House?

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You may have heard the term “sober house,” but if you’re like me, you might not know exactly what that means. Is it just a random place where sober people live? When do sober people go there and how does it work? I had these questions and more. I will be telling you exactly what a sober house is, how … Read More

How To Write An Intervention Letter in 5 Easy Steps

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An intervention can be scary. It can be life-changing, emotional, and heartbreaking. That’s why it pays to be prepared. Seeing a loved one who is struggling with a substance use disorder is not only uncomfortable, it’s also painful, and we’re often left racking out brains about ways we can pull our friends family members up out of the darkness. Unfortunately, … Read More

What is an Alcohol Intervention and How Do They Work?

alcoholism intervention

You may have heard the term intervention before, whether it’s the T.V. show or a word used casually amongst friends when they want to tell a loved one something important. The key thing to know here is an intervention should not be thought of as something casual. An intervention is a tool used to help those who are suffering from … Read More

How Do You Know If It’s Alcohol Abuse Or Alcoholism?

alcohol abuse vs. alcoholism

During my drinking years, I was in deep denial about having a problem with alcohol. I blamed negative consequences on everything but the drink—it was either bad luck, bad timing, or I just had a bad night. The stigma associated with “alcoholism” kept me sick. I was afraid to entertain this word because I thought it meant I was a … Read More

Why Should I Choose Medical Detox Over At-Home Detox?

why medical detox is your best option

When I stopped drinking, I knew nothing about detox. I don’t think many drinkers do. When drinking or drugs take over your life, the best you can hope for is staying alive day by day. When you consider a big life change and finally decide to leave drugs and alcohol behind, you might not even be thinking about how it … Read More

How And Why You Should Cope With Alcohol Withdrawals

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Alcohol acts as a social lubricant, a self-medication for many, who use it to deal with their emotions and block pain. But what the media and society don’t tell you, is that this “acceptable” way of dealing with life has a variety of drawbacks. For one, alcohol addiction is a spiritual, physical, and mental disease that can arise after an … Read More

Treating Alcohol Withdrawals With Medication

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Alcohol addiction can take on many forms. It’s a physical, mental, and spiritual disease, although some of these components manifest differently in different people. Physical addiction to alcohol can reek havoc on the human body. Being physically addicted can cause a person to go to extreme lengths to get alcohol. Normally, the goal is to avoid becoming sick because when … Read More

How To Get The Most Out of Your Drug Rehab Experience

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You’ve had a moment of clarity and the time is now to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction. The first step is going to an addiction treatment center. You might have mixed emotions about attending rehab, but the truth is, this experience is a gift. It will be crucial for you to take advantage of all that a … Read More