How Serious Is an Alcohol Blackout?

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About 50 percent of adults report having at least one alcohol-related blackout in their lives, but is a blackout serious? What are the symptoms of an alcohol blackout? And what exactly causes an alcohol blackout? What Happens When You Black Out When a blackout occurs, you are awake and functioning for a period of time, but you don’t remember what … Read More

HHS Using Data Science and Technology to Pinpoint Over-Prescribing Trends

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When patients are treated for chronic pain, physicians often prescribe opioids to help them deal with their discomfort. Sadly, the misuse of these drugs is killing people in epidemic numbers, and the US Department of Health and Human Services is taking action to do something about it. Fraud, over-prescription, doctor shopping and illegal distribution of opioids have all become huge problems … Read More

Do You Really Need a Sponsor in AA?

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Working through alcohol addiction is never easy, especially when combating it alone. The hold that alcohol can have on a person is so strong that it is extremely difficult to overcome alcoholism without any outside help. That is exactly why treatment programs and fellowship groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) were formed. Such groups are designed to help people battling an … Read More

What Happens to the Brain of Colorado Binge Drinkers?

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The number of people who drink alcohol in unhealthy quantities grows every year, and Colorado is not immune to the plague. Some of these people are not defined by society as alcoholics but as binge drinkers. Binge drinking is when alcohol has been consumed in an extreme volume over a short time span. This is cited as five or more … Read More

What Coloradoans Should Know about Alcohol Use Disorder and Dementia

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Medical professionals have long felt that heavy drinking and long-term alcohol abuse such as occurs with alcohol use disorder have an impact on the development of dementia. New research links alcohol use disorder and heavy drinking with an increased risk of early onset dementia, defined as dementia that begins before age 65. Alcohol Abuse May Contribute to Early Dementia In … Read More

Why Your Doctor May Not Help You with an Alcohol Use Disorder In Colorado

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Alcohol use disorder is estimated to affect more than 15 million people in the U.S. each year, and 88,000 people died from excessive drinking according to the latest study. That is more than deaths from drug overdoses (64,000 in 2016).  Despite how common and risky excessive drinking is for Americans, however, it is not often addressed or treated by doctors, … Read More

Will You Lose Your Job If You Go to Drug Rehab?

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There are a variety of perceived barriers to seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, ranging from fear of losing one’s reputation to fear of losing your home. One of the most common reasons addicts fail to seek treatment is the fear of losing their job. Whether you work in construction, the school system, on Wall Street, or in an … Read More

5 Qualities To Look For In An AA Sponsor

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Though 12-step programs are not for everyone, those who do participate in them are likely familiar with the term “sponsor.” In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a sponsor is a person who can offer a newcomer support and understanding based on personal experience. Sponsors often take those who are newly sober through the 12 steps and act as a mentor of sorts. … Read More

How To Tell People You Struggle With Alcoholism


Admitting you have a problem with alcohol and getting sober isn’t easy, but it doesn’t always become easier when you stop drinking. Sooner or later you’re going to face another challenge: telling people that you have a struggle with alcoholism. Sometimes a period of life lived under the shadow of an addiction to alcohol takes place in private, away from … Read More

Causes of Alcoholism: “Why Am I An Alcoholic?”

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In a world and culture where drinking tends to be the norm, it can be hard to see or understand when social or moderate drinking has turned into a problem. Often times, the lines are blurred for people who have dangerously moved from drinking in moderation into habit because society has conditioned us that getting intoxicated is how we celebrate, … Read More