5 Things Coloradoans Should Know about Alcohol Detox

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Alcohol use disorder is a chronic disease that is estimated to affect between six to eight percent of the adult population in the US. People suffering from alcoholism often find it extremely difficult to overcome their addiction to alcohol on their own, and in fact, they should not try to do so. Anyone suffering from alcoholism should seek professional help … Read More

How Should You Detox from Drugs?

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If you or a loved one is living with a drug addiction, the natural next step is to seek treatment, right? But when looking at so many different approaches to recovery and detoxing, how do you know what the best solution will be for you? Everyone has different experiences when it comes to various detox methods—for some, going “cold turkey” … Read More

What Foods To Eat During a Drug or Alcohol Detox

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Cleansing our bodies seems to be all the rage lately. From diet cleanses to juice cleanses people are learning how important it is to clear harmful, everyday toxins from our bodies.  Pollutants land inside our systems from the food we eat, what we drink, and the environments we live in. For someone who has been heavily drinking or using drugs, … Read More

Why Should I Choose Medical Detox Over At-Home Detox?

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When I stopped drinking, I knew nothing about detox. I don’t think many drinkers do. When drinking or drugs take over your life, the best you can hope for is staying alive day by day. When you consider a big life change and finally decide to leave drugs and alcohol behind, you might not even be thinking about how it … Read More

Drug and Alcohol Detox: How Medications Can Help

Drug Detox Medications

During the detox process, the body rids itself of remaining traces of abused substances. This is also the time when withdrawal symptoms (both mild and severe) can occur— including cravings, pain, tremors, trouble sleeping, anxiety, irritability, and even life-threatening risks. Medically managed detox uses medications to manage withdrawal symptoms and treat addiction to ensure a detox that is safe and … Read More

What You Can Expect To Pay For Detox

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Drug detoxification – more commonly known as detox – is widely considered the first step in drug treatment. For someone addicted to drugs, the thought of going through detox can be overwhelming due to the uncertainty and pain involved. Making the decision to go through detox isn’t an easy one, and the decision often comes with many questions. Since medical … Read More

Treating Alcohol Withdrawals With Medication

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Alcohol addiction can take on many forms. It’s a physical, mental, and spiritual disease, although some of these components manifest differently in different people. Physical addiction to alcohol can reek havoc on the human body. Being physically addicted can cause a person to go to extreme lengths to get alcohol. Normally, the goal is to avoid becoming sick because when … Read More

The Reality of Rapid Detox

Reality of Rapid Detox

Opiate addiction is often difficult to treat due to the extreme physical withdrawal symptoms associated with this type of drug addiction. Drugs such as heroin, Methadone, Vicodin and Oxycodone are all considered opiates. When a person becomes physically addicted to an opiate, they must consistently use that opiate every few hours, or they start to experience symptoms of withdrawal. One … Read More

Why Medical Detox is Worth The Cost

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For some instances of drug and alcohol detox, the only way to safely make it through the initial withdrawal phase is going through a medical detox. Of course, there are home detox methods, but these can actually end up being unsafe if you don’t take the proper preparation, or if you don’t have the proper medical clearance. If you’re considering … Read More

How To Naturally Detoxify Your Body From Drugs

How To Naturally Detoxify Your Body From Drugs

When you’re abusing or using drugs or alcohol for a long period of time your body will start to become a much more toxic environment. When your body is in a toxic state you’re much more likely to develop certain health conditions, cancers, and experience other negative health effects. For this reason, a detox is recommended at the beginning of … Read More