Can Behavioral Addictions Be Treated in Colorado Drug Rehab?

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Behavioral addictions are defined as repetitive behaviors that seek a reward and cause changes in the brain. Some of the most common behavioral addictions include the following: Gambling Sex Eating/Food Pornography Internet Video Games Shopping Exercise Although many experts recognize that all of these behaviors can become compulsive and cause changes in the brain as people participate in them, only … Read More

Exploring the Link between Childhood Trauma and Addiction in Colorado

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Research has shown that substance abuse is more likely for those who suffered trauma such as abuse during childhood. The effect was most pronounced for women who had been sexually and physically abused or neglected and maltreated, but was present for men who suffered childhood trauma as well.  What the Research Shows Being traumatized in childhood is something people would … Read More

Is Public Perception of Addiction Creating Treatment Barriers in Colorado?

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Many in the public have negative perceptions of addiction, namely, that it happens because people lack willpower or that it indicates a moral failing of some kind. These and other misconceptions about addiction may be preventing people from getting the treatment they need for their addictions.  The newest research has classified addiction as a disease–a medical condition–rather than a mental … Read More

Drug-Induced Psychosis: What Coloradoans Should Know

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One scary and serious side effect that can happen with drug use is drug-induced psychosis, which is a set of symptoms that sometimes occur when people use certain types of drugs.  Symptoms of Drug-Induced Psychosis Drug-induced psychosis is present when patients experience delusions and/or hallucinations with drug use. Hallucinations can include seeing, smelling, or hearing things that are not really … Read More

Should Anger Management Be Included in Colorado Drug Rehab Programs?

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Anger issues have long been a problem for those dealing with substance use disorder. Many addicts have a history of anger as part of the underlying causes of addiction; it is often a response to some level of trauma or negative experiences from their past that has fueled their substance abuse. Thus, it makes sense to deal with anger issues … Read More

How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

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Many people enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two at dinner or when they are out socializing. However, many people might also not realize that the amount they are drinking might actually be a lot more than what is considered healthy or safe. In fact, it is common for many "social drinkers" to consume more alcohol than what is deemed to … Read More

Colorado’s Opioid Problem: Where We Are Now

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The opioid epidemic has been a serious issue in Colorado for some time. Where does it stand today? Understanding opioid abuse in Colorado can help you understand the context for a friend or family member's addiction. Where can improvements be made, and where can you turn for help?  The Opioid Problem in Colorado  What is the status of opioid abuse … Read More

Portrait of a Denver Heroin Addict

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Information from several studies has revealed new information about heroin addicts in Denver and helped a portrait of Colorado heroin addiction to emerge. While it is important to note that heroin addicts in the study represented all demographic groups, some trends can be observed that may identify the experience and lifestyle of many addicts.  One of the studies used surveyed … Read More

Are Needle Exchanges Lowering the Risk of Bloodborne Infections in Colorado?

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Needle exchange programs provide a location where those who inject illegal drugs can bring their used needles and exchange them for clean, sterile ones. Many people feel that needle exchanges are condoning drug use, but proponents of the practice see it as reducing harm to drug users, including transmission of diseases and accidental overdoses that can come from collapsing veins … Read More