Does Accreditation Really Matter for a Drug Rehab Facility?

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Choosing a drug rehab facility can be a nerve-wracking experience. You may look for an attractive or informative website, responsive staff or a referral from a trusted friend as some ways to tell that a facility offers quality care. But how do you know which facilities will follow through on their promises to meet your needs while in treatment? The … Read More

How to Survive Divorce After Rehab

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People often turn to drugs or alcohol in an effort to numb the pain caused by traumatic experiences. Maybe they’ve suffered verbal or sexual abuse as a child. Maybe they’ve experienced a natural disaster. Maybe they lost a loved one suddenly. Divorce can also be an incredibly stressful situation that can lead to substance abuse. But what if the divorce … Read More

Why Couples Therapy May Be a Part of Your Rehab Experience

Couple talking to a therapist after drug rehab.

Married people or those in committed relationships who deal with addiction may wonder why their case manager or counselor recommends couples therapy as part of their treatment. After all, their spouse does not have an addiction, they do. Why should they need to attend counseling as well? How Couples Deal With Addiction If you have a substance use disorder, it … Read More

Who Am I without Drugs?

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It is not difficult to understand that using drugs has a profound impact on your identity. You make different decisions under the influence of drugs than you do when you are sober, and you often neglect things you used to enjoy or in which you find great meaning. Once you embrace sobriety, part of your new reality is figuring out … Read More

How Is Vicodin Addiction Treated in Rehab?

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Whether a person suffers from pain as the result of an accident, injury or disease, it can sometimes be debilitating and unbearable. Physicians will often prescribe pharmaceuticals to help alleviate the pain so that patients can resume a normal life. Prescription drugs like Vicodin are often prescribed to patients who are experiencing a great deal of pain. However, while this … Read More

Alcohol Still Tops the Chart for Colorado Substance Misuse

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When you think of substance use in Colorado, you might think of harder drugs such as heroin, cocaine and meth. These drugs are illegal and powerful, and they get a lot of focus in the press. However, the most commonly misused substance in Colorado is legal; it is alcohol. Alcohol use disorder continues to be a serious issue in the … Read More

Post-Rehab Rollercoaster: How to Deal With Your Emotions in Long-Term Recovery

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Rehab is tough, but sometimes the emotions that come along after rehab are tougher. When you go back to your home and resume activities like work, hobbies and social activities, feelings can be stirred up that you have not had to confront in rehab. Another reason for rollercoaster emotions after rehab is that your body is still adjusting to the … Read More

Child Custody and Rehab: What Parents Should Know

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One consideration for going to inpatient rehab is the risk of losing custody of your children while you are there. This is a particular concern for single parents who do not have another parent or other trusted adult to take care of the children while they are away. Addiction and Custody Issues Unfortunately, child services may need to step in … Read More

Exploring the Dangers of Anabolic Steroids

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Anabolic steroids are man-made drugs that do have some legitimate uses but are often abused by those who want to increase their muscle mass to look better or improve their sports performance. While anabolic steroids do not produce the same high as other drugs by flooding dopamine receptors, the drugs can become addictive in a similar way.  Anabolic Steroid Misuse … Read More

Where Do Agnostics and Atheists Go for Addiction Recovery Support in Colorado?

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Many addiction support groups like AA and NA have a spiritual bent, but not everyone wants to focus on religious faith or spirituality as they recover. There are a growing number of groups focusing on Colorado addiction recovery for atheists and agnostics that can work for those who may not have any kind of faith as their focus.  Recovering Through … Read More