Opioid Crisis Presents an Uphill Battle for Boulder

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Every year, people of Boulder, Colorado review the state of opioid addiction. Unfortunately, the opioid crisis is not getting much better. It's an uphill battle with many different layers and strategies. What is the state of the battle in 2018, and how it is getting better or worse right now? The Addiction Situation in Boulder  Boulder is a casual, liberal … Read More

Does Marijuana Use Raise Cardiovascular Risk?

There are plenty of factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, with cigarette smoking and obesity among some of the more well-known ones. New research has discovered another potential risk factor: marijuana use. In fact, a new study has discovered that the death rate from high blood pressure is three times higher among those who smoke marijuana compared to … Read More

Colorado Legislation Takes Aim at Opioid Crisis across State

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The opioid abuse epidemic most definitely has the attention of the Colorado government. The legislature has introduced and passed six new bills this year to help combat the rise in overdose deaths from opioids, and five of them have already been signed by Governor John Hickenlooper.  While the bills have the goal of reversing the upward trend of opioid overdoses, … Read More

Drugging and Driving: What Colorado Drivers Should Know

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Since 2006, nine states have legalized recreational marijuana and 20 states have legalized marijuana in some form for medical use. In addition, many municipalities are now decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, which effectively legalizes it in those municipalities even if it is still considered illegal in the state or by the federal government.  While widespread … Read More

Improving Your Sexual Health After Rehab

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Addiction often impacts people’s sexual health and functioning, both directly and indirectly. Using substances including alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine can cause erectile dysfunction in men, and many people of both sexes can find it difficult to reach orgasm when they are sober after spending much of their time under the influence over a long period of addiction. Other sexual problems … Read More

Colorado Parents Encouraged to Push for Non-Opioid Pain Relief for Kids

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Non-opioid pain management has begun to gather steam as a viable alternative for many adults who have either misused opioids in the past or want to avoid that possibility. Now, parents are beginning to recognize the risks of opioid use by their children and to seek non-opioid alternatives when their children need to manage pain.  Opioid Use In Children Leads … Read More

6 Benefits of Going to Colorado Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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Checking into a Colorado drug rehab facility is likely to be one of the hardest things you ever do. Facing an addiction and admitting you need help to overcome and manage it is a huge step in the recovery process, but it is only the first step toward a new life of sobriety. Here are just some of the many … Read More

How and Why Bullying Leads to Addiction for Colorado’s Kids

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It is not hard to see how someone can be tempted toward substance abuse when he or she is pushed around, physically attacked, and ridiculed or humiliated by one or more peers–in other words, when bullying occurs. Substance abuse can be an escape from the unpleasant circumstances of life or a way to lessen the pain brought on by bullying. … Read More

Why Colorado Seniors Are at Risk for Substance Use Disorders

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Getting older and hitting those senior years can be challenging for the elderly in Colorado. The stresses of aging and other circumstances are often numerous and can lead to an increased risk for substance use orders in this age group. Risk Factors for Elderly Substance Abuse The risk of substance abuse for seniors in Colorado is often overlooked by family … Read More

What Happens in SMART Recovery in Colorado?

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Many people who have attended inpatient or outpatient treatment for substance abuse and addiction find aftercare helpful in maintaining sobriety and for ongoing support as they transition back to their lives after treatment. While 12-step programs like Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous remain the most popular alternatives for aftercare and ongoing peer support after treatment, SMART Recovery is a growing option for group … Read More