Why Colorado Seniors Are at Risk for Substance Use Disorders

Elderly woman looking sad at prescription pills

Getting older and hitting those senior years can be challenging for the elderly in Colorado. The stresses of aging and other circumstances are often numerous and can lead to an increased risk for substance use orders in this age group. Risk Factors for Elderly Substance Abuse The risk of substance abuse for seniors in Colorado is often overlooked by family … Read More

What Happens in SMART Recovery in Colorado?

Colorado drug rehab

Many people who have attended inpatient or outpatient treatment for substance abuse and addiction find aftercare helpful in maintaining sobriety and for ongoing support as they transition back to their lives after treatment. While 12-step programs like Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous remain the most popular alternatives for aftercare and ongoing peer support after treatment, SMART Recovery is a growing option for group … Read More

Counterfeit Pill Danger: What Coloradoans Should Know

Colorado drug rehab

One of the causes of the current opioid overdose epidemic is thousands–some say hundreds of thousands or millions –of counterfeit pills that have flooded the US street drug market in recent years, including in Colorado. These drugs are made with illegal pill presses with synthetic drugs that can be 50 to 100 times stronger than the prescription opioids that users … Read More

What Colorado Residents Should Know about Marijuana Edibles

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With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, more residents are trying marijuana edibles, but are they safe? Here are some things Coloradoans should know about marijuana edibles, including their risks, effects, and possible addiction issues. Are Marijuana Edibles Safe? Although ingesting marijuana, also known as cannabis or THC, may eliminate the risks associated with smoking the now-legal drug, there … Read More

Dealing with Aggression and Addiction in Colorado


Not all addicts exhibit aggression, but a disturbing number of them do. Research has shown parallels between addiction and aggression that seem to suggest a connection between the two in many cases. Possible Reasons for a Connection Between Addiction and Aggression It is difficult to say whether addiction causes increased aggression, or whether aggression leads to addiction. One theory is … Read More

Homeless in Colorado: The Addiction Connection


Colorado is experiencing a surge in its homeless population. About twice as many homeless people are dependent on drugs or alcohol as the general population according to reports, and their dependence often leads them to criminal behavior and prevents them from taking steps to get off the streets. How Addiction Leads to Homelessness Addiction destabilizes addicts’ lives and makes it … Read More

Top 6 Risk Factors for Opioid Addiction in Colorado

Opioid addiction

There are always many factors that determine whether someone develops an opioid addiction. It is good to be aware of them as you evaluate your own behavior or that of loved ones since opioid addiction has become increasingly deadly in recent years. Here are the top risk factors for opioid addiction for Colorado residents to consider. 1. Daily use of … Read More

Colorado Construction Industry Workers at Increased Risk for Addiction

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A recent study by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that the construction industry has the second-highest level of substance abuse in the U.S. among workers ages 18 to 64. About 14.3 percent of construction workers had Substance Abuse Disorder and 16.5 percent drank heavily, according to study information. The insurance and risk management firm IMRI reported that … Read More

7 Myths about Addiction in Colorado

Addiction is an extremely challenging situation to overcome, and sometimes people make it even harder for those who are addicted by spreading or believing myths about addiction that simply are not true. Here are some common myths about addiction and the truth behind them. Myth #1: Enough willpower can overcome addiction. Unfortunately, many addicts believe this myth and remain trapped … Read More

Will You Lose Your Job If You Go to Drug Rehab in Colorado?

Drug or alcohol addiction

There are a variety of perceived barriers to seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, ranging from fear of losing one’s reputation to fear of losing your home. One of the most common reasons addicts fail to seek treatment is the fear of losing their job. Whether you work in construction, the school system, on Wall Street, or in an … Read More