Colorado Chronic Pain Sufferers Find Non-Opioid Treatments that Work

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The New England Journal of Medicine estimates that 30 to 40 percent of the US population suffers some form of chronic pain, from recurring headaches to debilitating back pain and everything in between. While not all of these conditions are treated with opioid painkillers, some 259 million prescriptions for opioids are dispensed each year in the US. Although only about … Read More

5 Things Coloradoans Should Know about Cocaine Addiction

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Cocaine addiction is a problem for thousands of Colorado residents who may have started using cocaine to have a good time and ended up dependent on the powerful and sometimes deadly drug. Knowledge is power, so here are some things Coloradoans should know about cocaine addiction. Studies with rats have shown the presence of certain genes in rats that became … Read More

Exploring Equine Therapy for Addiction in Colorado

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There are many different treatment methods and modalities for addiction treatment. One of the lesser-explored, but still beneficial, types of treatment that can be used with other methods is equine therapy. It can be difficult to understand how learning to take care of a horse and practicing that care can be beneficial for those struggling with addiction, but this therapy … Read More

Can Your Employer Help You Get Addiction Treatment in Colorado?

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, about 70 percent of the estimated 23 million people who struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol in the U.S. are employed. Substance abuse makes it difficult to do a job well. Addicts may be absent from work more often as they wake up hung over or sleep off a … Read More

Is Rapid Detox Recommended in Colorado Rehab?

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Rapid detox is a process of clearing the drugs from an addict’s system in days rather than weeks, using medications to both block the effects of the drug and to sedate patients so that they do not feel the powerful effects of the rapid withdrawal. While rapid detox is sometimes seen as an easier way to get drugs out of … Read More

Colorado Pilot Program Expansion Provides Access to Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment

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The use of medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse has increased greatly during the 21st century. Medication-assisted therapy has been shown to reduce withdrawal symptoms, help opioid abusers function at work and with their families, reduce risks of often-deadly overdoses, and reduce criminal behavior and relapse. A bill recently passed by the Colorado state Senate and House and signed by the … Read More

Re-Connecting with Your Core Values in Colorado Rehab

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Core values give meaning and direction to your life, expressing who you are and what you firmly believe to be true and good. When combatting addiction, those same core values are often compromised, ignored, and outright abandoned as the disease takes control. Identifying your core values and re-connecting with them during treatment is crucial to facilitating strong, long-term addiction recovery. … Read More

9 Lessons Colorado Addicts Can Learn from Real Life Recovery Stories

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Addiction is now more lethal than gun violence, with 50,000 dying from an overdose in 2015. Despite the scope of the problem, recovery is possible for many addicts when they choose to change their lives. Those struggling with addiction issues can learn from the stories of addicts in recovery. Here are some of those stories and lessons. Sean, 25 Even … Read More

What Happens in a Colorado Sober House?


After inpatient rehab, some recovering addicts may need a higher level of support in a safe environment free from temptations and pressure to use drugs or alcohol. A Colorado sober living house is a structured living environment free of drugs and alcohol where someone in recovery can live and get much-needed support and help transitioning back to life after rehab. … Read More

How and Why to Stop Enabling Drug Addiction in Colorado Today

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Many Colorado residents wonder how they can help their family and loved ones with drug or alcohol addiction. If you are not careful though, you may end up enabling your addicted loved ones to continue with their harmful behaviors, rather than helping them find recovery and get better. What is Enabling? Enabling is different from helping. Enabling actually hurts the … Read More