What Happens in Colorado Inpatient Treatment for Substance Use Disorder?

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For those who are deeply lost in a substance use disorder or are long-term, severe users, most treatment professionals recommend inpatient drug rehab as the best path to recovery, but what happens in inpatient treatment? How is it different than outpatient treatment? Who Benefits from Inpatient Rehab? Who needs inpatient rehab? Those whose addictions have led to job loss, broken … Read More

What Stops Coloradoans from Getting Addiction Treatment?

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Substance use disorder is more rampant today than it has ever been, affecting the lives of millions of Americans and causing overdose deaths on a daily basis. Oftentimes, those dealing with addiction are unaware of the extent of their misuse of drugs or alcohol or are unreceptive to seeking help. But even those that are well aware that they need … Read More

Collateral Damage: Huge Spike in Kids Exposed to Addiction Treatment Drugs

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There has been a large increase in people using addiction treatment drugs to help them break their addiction to risky and illegal substances; these drugs are easier to control, don't produce a high, and allow individuals to function when long-term or severe use would make recovery difficult or impossible.  One unfortunate side effect of the increase in addiction treatment drugs … Read More

What Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment Like in Colorado?

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Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is one type of care people struggling with addiction can choose as an alternative to full inpatient treatment in some cases. While there are significant differences between inpatient addiction treatment in Colorado and intensive outpatient care, both can be effective ways to treat and overcome addiction. How IOP Differs from Inpatient Treatment The main differences between … Read More

Marijuana as Colorado Addiction Treatment: Fact or Fiction?

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When one thinks of treatment for addiction, thoughts of detoxing medication, and counseling may come to mind. But as of late, theories have been circulating about the possibility that including marijuana in Colorado addiction treatment protocols may actually help addicts overcome their substance use disorders. But how true are these theories? Can marijuana really help treat addiction, or is this … Read More

Denver Opioid Crisis Gives Tragic Meaning to “The Mile High City”

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The Mile High City: while Denver's name is a play on its elevation, in recent years the opioid crisis has brought a more tragic connotation to the name. Getting high has unfortunately become more common here in recent years. How does Denver compare to other cities around the country, and why is the opioid crisis so acute in the Denver … Read More

Stigma Surrounding Addiction Fans Fire of Opioid Crisis in Colorado

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Despite many efforts to destigmatize drug abuse and addiction, there is still a stigma attached to it in many cases. From friends and family to medical professionals, there is a tendency to look down on those who become addicted or to try to shame them into getting help.  Addiction stigma can often be counterproductive for addicts, making them too ashamed … Read More

Exploring the Effect of Gender in Colorado Addiction Treatment

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Anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol should absolutely seek help to kick their habit, but how does treatment differ between men and women? Why do such differences exist in the first place? Addiction to drugs or alcohol impacts each person differently; however, the effects that are experienced often differ between genders. For this reason, men and women may … Read More

Colorado Substance Abuse Treatment Audit Reveals Gaps in Data Security

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The Office of Behavioral Health in Colorado gathers pertinent information on thousands of substance abuse addicts receiving treatment every year. Unfortunately, a recent audit has discovered that policies put in place to uphold the security of such data have not been thoroughly followed by the office. Data May Be Vulnerable as a Result of Lapses in Data Security According to … Read More

Understanding Ambien Addiction in Colorado Drug Rehab


Addiction to Ambien, a popular sleeping pill that contains zolpidem, can begin sometime after a person has trouble sleeping at night. Ambien is commonly prescribed by doctors because, if taken as directed, it is usually not addictive. Long-term use can lead to dependence, however, and some find that they cannot sleep without taking it after a period of weeks or … Read More