How the Weather Affects Rates of Alcohol Consumption

Woman looking out a window

Not only can the climate impact what you wear on any given day, but it may also play a role in how much alcohol you drink. According to recent research, the climate can influence people to drink more alcohol. One study, in particular, has discovered a link between alcohol intake and alcohol misuse with lower temperatures and fewer hours of … Read More

How Are Controlled Substance Schedules Determined?

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been the decider since about 1900 of what substances need to be controlled by the government. Controlled substances are divided into five classifications based on their benefits and risks. Schedule I Schedule I drugs have a high risk of harm to people and few, if any, medical benefits. They do not have any … Read More

Colorado’s PDMP: A Powerful Tool to Reduce Prescription Drug Misuse

Prescription pills bottles

There is a true danger to the residents of Colorado, and it’s hiding in plain sight. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were 536 opioid-related overdose deaths in Colorado alone in 2016. Many substance use disorders involving opioids and opiates begin with the misuse of prescription opioids. Though it is true that some people gain access to … Read More

5 Ways Pets Can Help You Stay Sober

Man petting a yellow lab

It may seem counterintuitive that having one or more pets could help you stay sober. At a time when you need to work on yourself, how can taking care of a pet help? There is evidence to suggest that having a pet can be helpful in maintaining sobriety, providing more unconditional love and support than even many people can offer. … Read More

Study Explores Difference in “Natural High” and “Drug High”

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For many years, researchers have explained the effects of drugs on the brain by saying that they activate the same receptors in the brain that react to natural chemicals called endorphins, which produce a sense of well-being or euphoria. Endorphins are brain hormones and chemicals that are released to cope with pain or stress, but make the body feel good. … Read More

Is Ketamine a Viable Substitute for Morphine for Acute Pain?

Gloved hand holding an IV bag.

Going to the emergency room for acute pain can be nerve-wracking for anyone, but it is even more stressful for people with an opioid use disorder. Morphine is typically the first medication given to treat severe pain, but this could trigger a recurence of substance use for those who have misused opioids previously. Emergency room personnel do not want to … Read More

The Dangers of Taking Sleep Aids

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Many people in the United States experience sleep disturbances. Our bodies, by nature, need a full sleep cycle to recover and prepare for the next day. Chronic sleep issues and insomnia can take a toll both mentally and physically. It can make you desperate for a good night’s sleep. Thus, the popularity of sleep aids continues to be on the … Read More

Study Links Genetic Factors to Increased Risk for Alcohol Dependence

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New research indicates that alcohol dependency may have a lot to do with genetic factors. However, while your genes have a lot to do with your future, they don’t predetermine it. What does this new study say, and how can it influence the way that alcohol dependence is understood? Alcohol Misuse Is Complex Alcohol addiction is a serious disorder that not only … Read More

Will Denver Be the First US City to Open a Safe Injection Site?

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Denver could become the first U.S. city to host a safe injection site, a place where people could inject various kinds of drugs under medical supervision. Denver’s city council voted 12–1 in late November to allow a site to open for two years. No U.S. city currently has a safe injection site, though 63 cities outside the United States have … Read More

Is It Dangerous to Stop Taking Ativan Suddenly?

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Ativan is a benzodiazepine that is most often taken to treat anxiety and seizures. Ativan has also been used to treat sleeping difficulties and to aid in managing the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Whether it is used as prescribed or misused, it can be dangerous to stop taking Ativan suddenly because of how the body reacts to its absence. Ativan, … Read More