Exploring the Link between Childhood Trauma and Addiction in Colorado

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Research has shown that substance abuse is more likely for those who suffered trauma such as abuse during childhood. The effect was most pronounced for women who had been sexually and physically abused or neglected and maltreated, but was present for men who suffered childhood trauma as well.  What the Research Shows Being traumatized in childhood is something people would … Read More

New Biosensor Might Offer Help for Coloradoans with Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder treatment helps people stop using alcohol and become abstinent when their use is too heavy or causes problems in their lives like relationship challenges, DUI charges for driving under the influence, or even a car crash that injures themselves or others. Being in recovery usually means remaining abstinent indefinitely, since moderation likely did not work if or … Read More

3 Great Sober Travel Destinations in the U.S.

Travel can open your eyes to a whole new world of people, landscapes and possibilities. You can tailor your trip to focus on your passions, whether they be nature, culture, art, nightlife, or anything in between. Some people may travel the world in search of premium wines, dazzling drinks and hip dive bars, while others may be looking for a … Read More

5 Apparel Brands to Express Your Sobriety

5 Sober Clothing Brands

When you’ve battled substance abuse and gone through rehabilitation, coming out on the other side of addiction is one of the best feelings in the world. Telling your testimony can be empowering, but who says you can’t wear it on your sleeve, too? As it turns out, you can flaunt your fashion and celebrate your sobriety simultaneously. Offering wearable messages … Read More

Should You Detox At Home Or At A Medical Detox Center?

When is a Medical Detox Center the Best Choice

  Anyone who has been using or abusing alcohol and/or drugs for an extended period of time is going to face detoxing at some point if they want to get clean and sober. Once the body becomes dependent on a substance, going through a detox to get off the substance is the first step towards recovery. There are several different … Read More

Are You Likely to Become Addicted to Your Prescription?

Why is it that some people can take a prescription painkiller like OxyContin or Percocet after an accident or injury and stop taking the drug a couple weeks later without a problem while others develop a devastating addiction? It’s a question that researchers have been trying to answer for a long time about all addictive substances. When it comes to … Read More

Virtual Reality Therapy May Assist Addiction Recovery

Researchers are always on the lookout for new kinds of therapy that may be effective in helping patients to stop drinking and stay sober for the long-term – and it looks like technology may be one of the latest options for alcoholics and others struggling with an alcohol use disorder. A form of virtual reality was examined in a small … Read More

Anxiety Disorders Plague Almost 13 Million Americans

There are a number of different debilitating disorders that fall under the category of anxiety disorders. Post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, phobias – all of these can have both physical and mental symptoms that make it difficult to impossible for the patient to function in the world. A US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration … Read More

How to Stage an Intervention for an Alcoholic Family Member

Alcoholism is a devastating disease, one that is life-altering not just for the alcoholic but for everyone who loves him. In an attempt to improve the situation, many families find they will try anything in the hopes that it will help their alcoholic loved one to stop drinking, moderate their behavior under the influence, or improve their long-term prospects in … Read More

Stimulant Abuse in the Workplace

Gone are the days of the typical addict. There is no such thing. Though the media may have capitalized on the stereotype of the addicted person who is homeless, unemployed, and hallucinating while asking for spare change, the fact is that there are just as many addicts – if not more – who are functional and abusing drugs in an … Read More