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Child Custody and Rehab: What Parents Should Know

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One consideration for going to inpatient rehab is the risk of losing custody of your children while you are there. This is a particular concern for single parents who do not have another parent or other trusted adult to take care of the children while they are away.

Addiction and Custody Issues

Unfortunately, child services may need to step in and take custody of children whose parent goes to rehab; that is just the reality when no one else can be designated to care for them. A full four in 10 foster children have a parent with substance misuse issues, according to a federal government report. However, even if your child goes to foster care for a time, that does not mean you have lost custody permanently.

You may have already lost custody of your children if you have been arrested for an addiction-related offense. In this case, going to rehab is a good way to show that you are responsible enough to get custody back, although you may need to meet other requirements in addition to completing rehab in order to do so.

Another custody issue can arise when divorce is part of the picture. Courts will look at both parents and their situations when determining which one should get custody, and evidence of addiction may lead the courts to favor giving the other parent custody. After treatment is completed, however, the courts will want to reunite you with your children for visitation if you can show that you are in recovery.

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Children need healthy parents in order to thrive.

Why Rehab Is Important for Your Children

Even the risk of temporarily losing custody of your children should not prevent you from going to rehab for treatment of an addiction. While separation from your children is painful, you really cannot take care of them properly while in the grip of an addiction. With successful treatment, you will be much better able to care for them and yourself.

Another reason rehab needs to be a priority when you have children is that you put them at risk by continuing in your addiction. Not only do they observe your misuse of drugs and alcohol, but you can also put them directly at risk if, in your impaired state, you make poor decisions like driving under the influence or leaving drugs where small children might accidentally ingest them.

Getting Custody Back After Rehab

When you do successfully complete rehab, your chances of getting your children back increase greatly. Courts will want to know that you are in recovery and you may have to take a drug test to show that you are substance-free in order to get custody or visitation. It may take some time to rebuild trust with your children after you regain custody of them, but over time, you and they will both be better off if you are in recovery.

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