What to Expect in Colorado Alcohol Rehab June 17th, 2021 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News What to Expect in Colorado Alcohol Rehab

What to Expect in Colorado Alcohol Rehab

Colorado alcohol rehab

When you enter Colorado alcohol rehab, you may not know what to expect, which can sometimes be scary or even keep you from taking the steps to get the help you need. Rehab does have challenges and things that are hard, but it also has many unexpected surprises that make it a positive and memorable experience. Here are some things to expect when you go to a Colorado alcohol rehab.

You will feel uncomfortable and awkward.

Between answering personal questions about your use and medical history, possibly having a roommate, and being encouraged to share personal thoughts and experiences with your counselor and a larger group of peers, it would be unusual if you did not feel at least somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. It is completely normal and you will get more comfortable as your time in treatment goes on.

You will want to leave.

Going into a new place where you do not know anyone and people expect you to follow rules, share your emotions, and confront your addiction will almost certainly make you want to leave during the initial stages of treatment. Most people who do not leave, however, realize that what is waiting for them back in their previous lives will be even worse, so they push past their feelings about leaving and stay the course.

Colorado alcohol rehab

When you get used to sharing with a group about your addiction, you will often make friends.

You will make good friends.

Rehab is filled with good people just like you who are trying to break bad habits and behavior patterns. Going through that struggle together will form strong bonds of friendship that may continue even after treatment has ended.

Some of those friends will relapse.

Although much effort is spent to prevent relapse, it is a fact of life in rehab that not everyone will maintain their sobriety forever without sometimes resuming the addictive behaviors they worked so hard to overcome. When it occurs, relapse is a sad situation for everyone who cares about an addict, including those who became friends during rehab. It is important that you continue to focus on your own treatment and sobriety, however.

You will change as a person.

Whether this rehab experience will enable you to remain sober for the rest of your life or not, it will change you as a person by helping you deal with the demons of your past and move forward as a person with more understanding of yourself, other people, and life. You will also leave rehab with sobriety, which will make your life very different from how it was before.

It is important to follow up on aftercare and ongoing support meetings to give yourself the skills and focus that you will need to maintain your sobriety. If you do not allow the changes you make during treatment to become permanent, it will be much harder not to return to use and addiction again.

Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is a Colorado alcohol rehab that offers treatment for alcohol abuse and helps people overcome their addictions. Contact us today to get on the road to recovery!

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