Exploring Barriers to Addiction Treatment in Colorado December 6th, 2019 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News Exploring Barriers to Addiction Treatment in Colorado

Exploring Barriers to Addiction Treatment in Colorado

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There are many barriers that stand in the way of getting treatment for various addictions in Colorado. The unfortunate reality for many people facing addiction is that they do not get the help they need because of these barriers, some of which are self-imposed and some of which are imposed by various circumstances of personal life as well as from outside sources.

Barriers From Within

Of course, many who have addictions are unable to recognize or admit the extent of their problem and continue in the addiction because they think they can handle it on their own. Others with substance abuse problems are too discouraged and depressed to take the action they may know they need to overcome the addiction because they just do not think it is possible or because they have convinced themselves that they are not strong enough to fight the addiction.

Barriers from Personal Life

Financial circumstances hold many people back from getting help for an addiction. Most people with addictions are already in financial trouble either from spending much of their income on the abused substance or from consequences of addiction like losing a job or missing so much work that they do not get their full pay.

If family members and friends are not encouraging and supportive of seeking treatment, this can be another circumstantial barrier that keeps a person with an addiction from doing so. Some people may also feel that they cannot take time off from work to get the treatment they need or that their other responsibilities require them to forego treatment.

Colorado drug rehab

Barriers From Outside

Many areas of Colorado may not have enough treatment facilities to accommodate everyone who seeks help, which means that even for those who seek help, there are few options for getting it. Governments have been reluctant to adequately fund treatment for those who cannot afford it, thereby lessening the treatment options even further.

Additionally, governments may favor criminal penalties for illegal drug use instead of allowing people to get the treatment they need. It is all too easy to get caught up in the cycle of jail time and difficulties after release from jail that sometimes lead people right back to the same criminal behavior and subsequent prosecution.

An initial violation may lend itself to a treatment stay, but once the criminal record gets a little longer, there is a much smaller chance that treatment will be an option that is offered, even though it might help break the cycle once and for all.

Although there are many barriers to getting treatment for an addiction in Colorado, there is help available for those who want to overcome their addictions. Recovery Village at Palmer Lake provides comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment including medication-assisted treatment and family programs to meet each person’s specific treatment needs. Learn about admissions to Recovery Village and overcome the barriers standing in the way to a life of recovery for you or a loved one.

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