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Blog & News Exploring the High Cost of Addiction in the Colorado Workplace

Exploring the High Cost of Addiction in the Colorado Workplace

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When you think of a drug addict, thoughts of someone wearing ragged clothing and slumped over on a dirty street corner might come to mind. Although there certainly are people who fit this description, there are many others suffering from substance use disorder who look just like the average person.

Many of them are professionals in the workplace who are struggling with a dark secret that may not necessarily be outwardly noticeable. In fact, over 70 percent of people with a drug addiction are employed in some manner, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

However, as much as many addicts are able to camouflage their addiction with their clean, put-together outward appearance, they may not be so good at hiding their addiction in terms of work performance. Unsurprisingly, drug addiction can wreak havoc on a person’s ability to perform adequately in the workplace and production typically suffers as a result. As such, the businesses for which addicted employees work inevitably end up taking a financial hit.

How Does Workplace Addiction Impact Colorado Businesses?

Drug addiction in the workplace is costing companies a ton of money. More specifically, the symptoms associated with drug addiction cost anywhere between $2,600 to as much as $13,000 per employee, depending on the industry and type of position. That can add up to as much as $81 billion lost every year.

Colorado drug rehab

Educating everyone in the workplace about the signs of drug addiction can help put addicts on the path to recovery and save businesses thousands of dollars.

In addition to being much less productive in the job, people who suffer from substance use disorders are also more likely to be late or absent, involved in an accident on the job site, file a workers’ compensation claim, steal from the workplace, or switch jobs often. Such behaviors not only compromise the employee’s situation but also negatively impact a company’s bottom line.

Not only does drug addiction in the workplace cost businesses a lot of money, it also creates an environment of poor morale. People who are hooked on drugs tend to exhibit poor behavior, which negatively affects everyone else around them. In turn, this can foster a work environment that is void of morale. As other employees witness the lack of productivity, absenteeism, and late arrivals of those who are addicted to drugs, they start to resent the addict. This further perpetuates low morale in the workplace.

What Can Be Done to Address Workplace Addiction?

As detrimental as substance use disorder is, there is hope. With the implementation of a Colorado drug rehab program, the employee suffering from substance use disorder can finally seek the help and support that is desperately needed.

Of course, an ideal way to deal with workplace addiction is for upper management to enforce a drug-free work environment. It is extremely helpful to educate themselves and their employees on what the signs of drug addiction are. Just about every state in the country has laws in place that give employers the authority to require random drug tests.

Specific procedures should also be established to make it easy for those who are struggling with drug addiction to get help from a Colorado drug rehab facility if necessary. Colorado drug rehab programs are available for people who struggle with drugs, and employers should become educated on these types of programs if they ever encounter a situation in which one of their employees is addicted to drugs.

In the end, a drug addict in the workplace should not be shunned but should be supported and guided toward rehabilitation. Not only will this support significantly slash the costs associated with drug addiction, but it will also give the addicted employee a glimmer of hope.

If you or any of your workers or loved ones are suffering from a drug addiction, contact us today!

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