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How to Help a Family Member in Colorado Drug Rehab

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An essential component of long-term sustainable recovery is a strong support network. Without support from family and friends through treatment and beyond, the risk of relapse is greater and recovery is less stable.

If you have a family member or loved one entering addiction treatment, it can be difficult to know what to do. How can you help your loved one as he or she starts the journey toward recovery in Colorado? Here a few tips on how you can help and why it is so important.

What You Can Do To Help During Treatment

If you loved one is undergoing treatment to address addiction, there are a few key steps you can take to help the process along. Getting involved is crucial to helping your loved one develop long-term sobriety, and this begins as soon as treatment starts.

  1. Attend meetings and therapy with your loved one: This allows you see the process, and be a part of the healing that comes from sharing in these groups.
  2. Educate yourself : This is critical to both your loved one’s well-being and your own. The more you know, the more effectively you can offer help on the journey to recovery.
  3. Seek your own therapy:  It is important for you to have support as well, and therapy is a great tool to unburden yourself and learn to manage your own emotions.
  4. Address your own behaviors: There may be behaviors you engage in around your loved one that actually enable the addiction, and it is important to identify and correct those behaviors in order to help build a  successful recovery for everybody.
  5. Create a stable, sober home environment: This is important for when your loved one returns from treatment to pursue a sober lifestyle, and shows your commitment to supporting him or her for the long-term.

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How Do These Things Help?

Ongoing and consistent support is absolutely crucial to any successful recovery. Your involvement represents a network of love and support that the person can lean on when he or she has bad days or needs to be reminded of the work that has already been accomplished.

Remember to pay attention to the level of your involvement and do not dive too deep. Avoid micromanaging somebody’s process, or ‘hovering’ over the person as he or she works through addiction recovery. Be present, be available, and be flexible.

Support After Treatment

It is important to manage your expectations of your loved one’s return home. Do not expect him or her to finish rehab and come home healthy, happy, and ready to fully participate in life. Recovery can take years to work through fully, and the first year after treatment is often the hardest to endure. Your loved one will be scared of temptation, possibly angry or depressed, and may not entirely resemble the person you know or love.

Being prepared for this can help you manage it successfully. There will be challenges, mistakes, and roadblocks, but as part of a solid support network, you can help get your loved one back on track with recovery.

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Take Care of Yourself

Many people assisting someone with addiction recovery can forget this step, but it is absolutely key to providing the support needed. If you are not well yourself, how can you help someone else get well?

Do not forget to practice self-love and spend time creating joy for yourself. Practice yoga, go for a walk, read a good book, go for dinner with friends, head to the beach for the weekend…find whatever it is that brings you pleasure and happiness, and continue to pursue it. You are no good to someone struggling with addiction if you are overworked, upset, and fatigued.

These are some good first steps to take when helping someone toward long-term recovery, but remember that it is a process and the process is different for every individual. For more on how family members can cope with addicted loved ones, read this helpful article.

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