How Does Partial Hospitalization Work in Colorado Drug Rehab? May 5th, 2020 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News How Does Partial Hospitalization Work in Colorado Drug Rehab?

How Does Partial Hospitalization Work in Colorado Drug Rehab?

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Colorado drug rehab programs are always looking for as many ways as possible to help people battle the deadly disease of addiction. There is no such thing as too much support for recovery. Incorporating cutting-edge therapies and practices keeps Colorado drug rehabs ahead of the vicious hold of drugs and alcohol. One method that, in certain situations, is appropriate for treatment in Colorado drug rehabs is a partial hospitalization program.

Partial hospitalization is defined by Medicare as “a structured program of outpatient psychiatric services as an alternative to inpatient psychiatric care.” This treatment provides an increased level of intense treatment than a visit to a counselor’s office without having to stay on site 24/7. Partial hospitalization programs are designed for individuals who are out of the detoxification period, have strong ties to friends and family, and are stable enough to begin transitioning while continuing the recovery process.

What makes partial hospitalization programs a wonderful asset to Colorado drug rehab treatments is that it provides a bridge between the structured substance abuse treatment program and re-entering regular life. Having this gradual step of transitioning out of treatment through partial hospitalization helps to maintain stability and increase odds to long-term success. It can be incredibly overwhelming to go back into a world in which you were living through the lens of addiction. This can cause old triggers to surface and could push you toward relapse at an increased rate. Through partial hospitalization programs, you are able to still get an intense level of professional therapy from your mental health counselor while living independently and regaining a sense of life past treatment.

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Partial hospitalization programs at Palmer Lake provide that exact stair-step approach to Colorado drug rehab. You are able to enjoy the benefits of everything that has helped you along the way in treatment, like therapy, medical guidance, exercise activities, and more, while being able to have the support of your friends and family in your own residence in the evenings.

This helps you build your support network in the backdrop of your own life without thrusting that challenge on you all at once. True healing is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to gain the skills and coping mechanisms required to stay strong in a world with so many negative temptations and triggers for a recovering addict. Commitment is key as regularly working the partial hospitalization program every day along with being accountable for remaining clean and sober at home is a full-time job. With each new day, you are stronger and ready to take on the world substance-free.

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If you or any of your loved ones are ready to enter a Colorado drug rehab program that offers partial hospitalization and other effective treatment protocols to ensure success, learn about admissions today.  You can reach out anonymously and the call can be made at any time. Let us help you or your loved one learn how wonderful life can be without the shackles of addiction.

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