How Effective Are 12-Step Programs in Colorado? December 6th, 2019 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News How Effective Are 12-Step Programs in Colorado?

How Effective Are 12-Step Programs in Colorado?

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Nationally, 12-step programs are some of the most common and popular forms of ongoing treatment and aftercare for recovering addicts. Most towns and cities have daily meetings to provide support and ongoing insight into addiction and recovery for those trying to maintain their sobriety, and there are a number of different programs specifically for different types of addiction, from alcohol to narcotics and even food.

The Goal of 12-Step Programs

Twelve-step programs have the goal of providing ongoing community support along with information on the 12 steps so participants can use them in their recovery. The 12-steps are centered on faith in a higher power and relying on that power to give you strength to build a strong recovery; the 12-steps teach that addicts are powerless over their addictions and can only overcome them with the help of a higher power. Some of the steps focus on abstinence from drugs or alcohol, while others talk about making amends to those you have hurt while in the midst of the addiction.

Twelve-step programs teach that once someone is an addict, he or she will always be one and must continue to work on recovery for the rest of his or her life. Many 12-step programs encourage participants to have a sponsor who can mentor them in their sobriety and help them maintain sobriety in good times and bad.

Effectiveness of 12-Step Programs

A National Institutes of Health study showed that those who attended 12-step programs were about twice as likely to be abstinent from drugs and alcohol at 18 months after treatment when both groups had no other aftercare, which makes them an effective form of ongoing substance abuse treatment.

Alcoholics Anonymous was the group studied for the research, but similar rates of success can be seen with other programs. While many who are involved in 12-step programs follow one of the major religions as their higher power, even some who are not religious have benefitted from its principles when they choose something that is meaningful to them as their higher power, like doing good things or being in a loving relationship.

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Where to Find a 12-Step Program in Colorado

Chances are, there is a 12-step program in Colorado that you can attend to find support for your sobriety. The Alcohol Anonymous website can help you locate AA meetings in your area.

Similarly, the Narcotics Anonymous website has a locator tool you can use to find further information about meetings.  Online meetings are also available for those without a meeting in their area that fits with their schedules.

If you or any of your loved ones need help detoxing from drugs or alcohol and learning to live a sober lifestyle, Recovery Village at Palmer Lake offers Colorado addiction treatment programs customized to your particular needs. Our treatment plans include attendance in 12-step programs like AA and NA. Contact us today to explore your options!

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