Repairing Your Relationships after Rehab October 18th, 2018 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News Repairing Your Relationships after Rehab

Repairing Your Relationships after Rehab

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By the time you enter addiction treatment, you may discover that many, if not most, of your relationships may have been damaged by the events surrounding your misuse of drugs or alcohol. While your initial focus needs to be on establishing your recovery, eventually you will be leaving rehab and facing those damaged relationships again.

In all likelihood, you will have relationships that you want to repair after rehab. You may not know how to act with family members and friends who have been hurt by your behavior or that you had conflicts with concerning your addiction before treatment.

Honesty and Making Amends

It is best to just be honest with your family members and friends and acknowledge that you caused them pain. If there is anything you can do to make things right, you may be able to begin to rebuild trust and show that you are different now. How willing your loved ones are to accept your words and actions may depend on the severity of that hurtful behavior or how long it went on.

One thing you can do is listen to those with whom you want to repair relationships, even if they want to express their anger or attack you. It may even show your loved ones that you have really changed if they see you react calmly when you probably would have reacted with anger or negativity to their previous concerns and conflicts.

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Many relationships can be repaired once you are in recovery.

From Acceptance to Starting Over

It is important to accept your loved ones no matter what their attitude toward you might be. They may need some time to see for themselves that you have changed before they want to resume their relationship with you, or there may have been so much damage to the relationship that they are unwilling to have contact with you at all.

Over time, they will hopefully come to see that you are serious about your recovery and be willing to reconcile with you, but either way, it is most important to do the right thing and stay calm no matter what happens. If they are willing to start over, you can rebuild the relationship together on a healthier foundation.

In some cases, there is damage on both sides of the relationship. If the other person is not willing to fix his or her part of the problem, the relationship may not work out or be healthy to continue until things can be better resolved.

You may need professional help to work out some of the issues in your relationships. A counselor can be an effective advocate for avoiding unhealthy relationship patterns and establishing healthy ones. If you have spent some or all of your adult life addicted to drugs or alcohol, you may need expert help to learn new ways of interacting that will work better for everyone.

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake offers Colorado addiction treatment resources for those needing rehab and help with repairing relationships and other aftercare services. Contact The Recovery Village today to learn more about treatment options that can help repair your relationship with yourself and others.

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