Should Anger Management Be Included in Colorado Drug Rehab Programs? December 4th, 2019 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News Should Anger Management Be Included in Colorado Drug Rehab Programs?

Should Anger Management Be Included in Colorado Drug Rehab Programs?

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Anger issues have long been a problem for those dealing with substance use disorder. Many addicts have a history of anger as part of the underlying causes of addiction; it is often a response to some level of trauma or negative experiences from their past that has fueled their substance abuse.

Thus, it makes sense to deal with anger issues in rehab, considering the fact that anger could very well have a direct link to addiction. Substance use disorder and behavioral issues are often intertwined with each other, which makes it crucial to deal with both issues simultaneously since each one tends to feed the other. This can become a dangerous situation when aggression is unleashed to harm oneself or someone else.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, approximately 40 percent of frequent cocaine users engage in some type of aggressive behavior or violence. Anger can often play a causal role in drug and alcohol abuse or may also be a result of substance abuse.

Why Anger Management Should Be a Part of Colorado Drug Rehab Programs

Based on the correlation between anger and substance use disorder, incorporating anger management in a drug rehab program is a reasonable step. These types of programs can help addicts who are susceptible to angry outbursts and aggression to more effectively manage their dangerous and explosive emotions. Such programs can implement relaxation tactics, cognitive behavioral therapy, and appropriate communication skills to deal with anger issues that may be exacerbating an addict’s substance abuse.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of anger management programs as a part of an overall drug rehab program. Researchers discovered that the levels of anger in those who participate in anger management programs while in treatment are much better able to control and reduce their anger compared to those who do not. Based on such findings, it appears that anger management may be an effective tool in substance abuse therapy.

Managing Anger in Colorado Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addicts who enter a Colorado addiction treatment facility to help them deal with their addictions will be taught how to manage their destructive emotions with the guidance and support of professional substance abuse counselors and therapists. Rather than using drugs and alcohol when the feelings of rage erupt, addicts will be able to learn how to use healthier and safer coping mechanisms to deal with their anger. In turn, their need to use drugs or alcohol to suppress their angry emotions can be effectively reduced and weakened.

The issue is not necessarily about not getting angry anymore, but rather how to deal with anger appropriately. There will always be times in life that will evoke negative feelings and emotions, but it is how people deal with these emotions appropriately that can make all the difference, especially for those who are battling a drug or alcohol addiction.

Anyone who struggles with coinciding substance use disorder and anger issues could find Colorado drug rehab and anger management programs extremely useful. If you or any of your loved ones are struggling with these debilitating issues, contact us today.

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