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Blog & News How to Spot Colorado Adderall Addiction

How to Spot Colorado Adderall Addiction

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Adderall is a stimulant drug, a mixture of two amphetamines that is typically prescribed for children and adults that suffer from attention deficit disorder (ADD) so that they can focus better on schoolwork and their jobs. Some people, particularly college students and those who feel they need to focus on their work, take Adderall even when they do not have ADD. The drug produces a high that allows them to focus for longer periods of time.

Adderall may be prescribed in error to patients who really do not need it, or it may be obtained illegally. While said not to be addictive, Adderall is habit-forming and often causes dependence in those who take it. Individuals who abuse Adderall may feel like they cannot concentrate or perform as well at school or work without the drug.

What Adderall Addiction Looks Like

People who take Adderall may seem hyperfocused and may be able to concentrate for unusually long periods of time, even staying up all night to study or work. They may sleep only a few hours a night but not seem sleep deprived or tired. Adderall also depresses the appetite, so weight loss and not eating regularly may also be symptoms of abuse.

Signs of addiction include taking more of the drug than prescribed, isolating oneself from family and friends or being anti-social, being extremely lethargic when not taking the drug, or having other withdrawal symptoms like nausea, anxiety, depression, and even seizures.

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With treatment, it is possible to stop taking Adderall.

Why It Is So Difficult to Stop Taking Adderall

Many people take Adderall primarily to help them focus and be more productive, with the euphoric feelings it causes being only an added side benefit in their minds. But like other stimulant drugs, Adderall causes a rush of dopamine to the brain. When you stop taking it, it is hard to feel good without it, and you miss the “up” feelings that came from the drug.

Add to the lack of dopamine the fear that you will not be able to concentrate without Adderall, which can also translate to a lack of success in school or at your job, and you will feel an even stronger sense of dependence than you might feel with other drugs. This is why so many people find it hard to stop taking Adderall even when it causes problems in their lives like sleeplessness, anxiety and feelings of being out of control.

Sometimes, other drugs like antidepressants may be used to counteract the depression and anxiety of stopping Adderall use. However, it is best to use these as part of an intensive treatment program where medications can be monitored; some patients just begin taking the anti-depressant with the Adderall, which only adds to the withdrawal symptoms later.

There is help for Adderall addiction and dependence. The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is a Colorado drug rehab that treats Adderall addiction with a variety of treatment programs so that you can safely free yourself from dependence on this mind-altering drug. Contact us now.

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