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Blog & News How to Tell If Your Addiction Therapist Is Doing a Good Job in Colorado Rehab

How to Tell If Your Addiction Therapist Is Doing a Good Job in Colorado Rehab

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Psychotherapy is an essential part of treatment in a Colorado drug rehab. This is because addiction has psychological components, and for addictive behaviors to change, counseling is typically helpful.

Many who struggle with addiction are unable to understand the complex circumstances that led them to abuse substances without some help from a therapist. What they cannot understand, they will not be able to change or overcome. Self-insight is an important first step to change, and therapists can be an objective resource to help people gain those insights.

Evaluating Your Therapist

Unfortunately, it is possible to have a bad experience with psychotherapy. Not all therapists are equally effective, and sometimes the therapist’s style just will not work for your needs. Whether you mean to or not, you will usually evaluate any therapist with whom you work, especially if you are unsatisfied in any way.

One guideline you may want to consider is whether you are making progress while in therapy. You should learn something new about yourself or your addiction in each session with the therapist. If you do not seem to be learning anything new or making progress, the therapist may not be helping you as much as he or she could be.

Another guideline for evaluation is how you feel about yourself after a session. Therapists should be able to point out and affirm good things about you and help you build on these things to improve your behaviors. If your therapist puts you down or says negative things about you, that is not likely to help you move forward and make more positive choices.

That is not to say that your therapist should not point out areas where you need to improve, however. Therapy can sometimes be a painful experience, as you will be exploring things in your life that may be contributing to your substance abuse. A good therapist will help you discover areas in which you need help but will do so in a manner that does not leave you feeling broken or powerless inside.

Another aspect to consider when evaluating your therapist is whether the main focus is on you and your situation. If your therapist seems excessively self-focused, this may be an unhealthy dynamic and is unlikely to help you deal with your own problems and issues.

Colorado drug rehab

A therapist may have a therapeutic style that just does not fit your needs.

What to Do If You Think You Are Seeing the Wrong Therapist

The first step to take when you see some problems in your therapy is to raise your concerns with the therapist. The therapist may be able to address your concerns by explaining the reasons for approaching therapy in a particular way, or he or she may adjust the therapeutic method so that it works better for you. It is possible that the therapist just misread the situation or did not understand your needs entirely, and open communication about your concerns may improve the situation.

If the therapist becomes defensive or refuses to deal with your concerns, it may be time to make a change and find another therapist. If the exchange is unsatisfactory and does not resolve the concerns, there is nothing wrong with making a change to a different therapist. You deserve to be helped in the best way possible, and if you can find a therapist that works better for your needs, it will benefit everyone.

If you find yourself switching therapists often and being unable to find one that you feel is effective, however, it may be worth taking a second look at what you might be doing to contribute to the situation. Without intending to do so, you may be sabotaging the process in some way because of previous negative experiences or other parts of your psychological makeup. Until you get past these issues, you may find yourself uncomfortable with any therapy situation.

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