What Types of Mental Health Professionals Will You Find in Colorado Drug Rehab Facilities? December 6th, 2019 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News What Types of Mental Health Professionals Will You Find in Colorado Drug Rehab Facilities?

What Types of Mental Health Professionals Will You Find in Colorado Drug Rehab Facilities?

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When you are admitted to a Colorado drug rehab facility, a team of dedicated professionals stands ready to help you reach your sobriety goals. To provide comprehensive addiction treatment, a number of different personnel work together on different aspects of your recovery. Here are some of the treatment professionals that you will find in Colorado drug rehab facilities.

Behavioral Health Technician

These professionals help provide treatment services and clinical support to those in treatment. They assist mental health counselors and other professionals in implementing the treatment plan and help to provide a safe and supportive environment during treatment.

Mental Health Counselors

Highly trained counselors provide individual counseling and group therapy to address mental health behaviors and disorders common for those in substance abuse treatment. By working with other treatment professionals, mental health counselors can help you recognize, understand, and work through mental health diagnoses like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and any other conditions that impact substance abuse and mental health.

Substance Abuse Counselor

Using tools and techniques that are effective at helping addicts achieve sobriety, substance abuse counselors work one-on-one and in group therapy situations toward an understanding of your particular path into addiction and facilitate movement toward recovery. Substance abuse counselors may work in inpatient, outpatient, or aftercare treatment.

Psychiatrist or Psychiatric Nurse

Medical interventions can help get drugs out of your system or reverse long-term dependence on drugs so your body can recover. Psychiatrists are medical doctors that can treat medical conditions related to substance abuse and prescribe medications that can help with medical detox or maintenance medications like methadone to help overcome addiction to more dangerous drugs. Psychiatric nurses help with medical treatment for mental health and substance abuse conditions and can help administer medications prescribed by the psychiatrist.

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These professionals have doctoral degrees and can provide both direct therapy and supervision for other staff members. Psychologists may provide individual therapy sessions using techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy or psychotherapy that are designed to lead you to a better understanding of the psychological factors of your addiction.

Social Worker

Social workers are trained to help you get access to social services provided by the local, state, or federal government, which can help you pay for treatment, receive housing and food assistance after leaving treatment, and find work, should you need to do so. Social workers must be licensed, usually by the state, and can also provide counseling and group therapy along with other services.

Treatment professionals of all types work together at Recovery Village at Palmer Lake to provide the best possible treatment options for you or any of your loved ones that struggle with addiction and related issues. You can trust our top-notch team to know just how to help you overcome addiction and mental health disorders and reach sobriety and well-being.  Learn about admissions to start your treatment journey now.

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