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What Is a LifeRing?

LifeRing is a secular support group for people in recovery from substance use disorders.

As you begin to explore aftercare strategies that can provide ongoing help and support after detox or addiction rehab, you may come across a support group program called LifeRing Secular Recovery. Many people know about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and other popular 12-step programs, but what is LifeRing?

Offering Another Perspective on Sobriety

LifeRing started in 2001, and it is an international program that offers face-to-face meetings in many locations as well as online meetings and support. LifeRing works on different principles from most 12-step programs, but many people find LifeRing an effective alternative to traditional support groups.

Twelve-step programs are organized around the principle that people who misuse drugs and alcohol are powerless over their addiction and need to reach out to a higher power. A higher power could be nature, or just goodness, or anything in which you want to put your belief. This spiritual focus is central to working through the 12 steps, although it is not centered around any particular religion.

LifeRing, on the other hand, does not bring religion or spirituality into its groups or meetings. The program is centered on each person’s power over their own lives. The main idea is that each person has a sober self that has the power to achieve abstinence and maintain it. Everyone in the group is expected to put forward their sober self to connect with the sober selves of others and be empowered to maintain sobriety.

LifeRing is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping you find your best sober self.

The 3-S Philosophy

LifeRing focuses on the 3-S way of thinking: Sobriety, Secularity and Self-Help. Contrary to some perceptions, many LifeRing participants do have a religious faith, but that faith is not discussed (or criticized) at meetings. LifeRing makes is clear that it is one resource for support and treatment, and participants are told that they can attend as many different groups as they find helpful in addition to the LifeRing program, even 12-step programs if that is what they want to do.

The LifeRing nonprofit organization is funded with donations from a variety of sources. There is no cost to attend meetings, but donations are requested and accepted. A typical LifeRing meeting starts with the facilitator asking, “How was your week?” Participants then talk about struggles they have had in the previous week, and how they can handle struggles in the coming week.

This simple organizational structure for meetings allows facilitators to offer information and resources that participants may find helpful in their recovery efforts. While LifeRing understands that relapses happen, it expects its participants to be committed to abstinence from both alcohol and drugs and to be making efforts to remain sober.

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