Klonopin Treatment & Rehab

While cities and towns across Colorado including the large metro areas like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs have put much of their focus on fighting the opioid epidemic, there’s another drug that’s also destroying lives, but tends to be more under-the-radar than prescription painkillers and heroin. That drug is Klonopin, which is the brand name of the generic clonazepam.

Klonopin is a prescription drug used in the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders, and sometimes seizure disorders. It’s part of a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which act on chemicals in the brain to calm nerve activity, reducing anxiety.

Benzos are among the most widely prescribed class of drugs in not just Colorado, but the entire U.S. and unfortunately their availability tends to lull people into a fall sense of safety when it comes to using these drugs.

People may feel as if since they’re prescription drugs or since so many people use them that benzos are safe, and that’s not true. Benzos including Klonopin have a high likelihood of becoming habit-forming, and they can change the way your brain and body function over time.

If you do feel as if you’re abusing Klonopin, there are Klonopin addiction treatment options available in Colorado and nationally.

Klonopin Treatment in Colorado

Klonopin is an addictive drug, and it can become habit-forming whether you’re taking it recreationally, or as prescribed. Other benzodiazepines that are often abused include Xanax and Valium.

When you take Klonopin, it affects the central nervous system and creates a reward feedback loop in your brain. Dopamine is released when you take Klonopin, and this triggers a reward response. Your brain sees the Klonopin as creating a pleasurable experience, and you’re hardwired to want to repeat the actions that lead to pleasure. This creates a dangerous cycle that can turn into addiction, and at that point, you may have uncontrollable cravings for Klonopin.

Physical dependence is also a risk of Klonopin. Physical dependence is different from psychological addiction, and the two can occur together or separately from one another. With dependence, your body becomes used to the presence of Klonopin, and if you suddenly stop taking it, your body goes into a type of shock leading to withdrawal symptoms.

Adequate Klonopin treatment needs to deal with both of these broad elements of drug use.

Most Klonopin treatment begins with an initial medically-assisted detox, then includes a residential treatment period that integrates various forms of group and individual therapy, and then the rehab team creates an aftercare plan.

Another option for Klonopin treatment is to do outpatient treatment, and while this can have benefits including the fact that it’s less expensive than inpatient care and doesn’t require you to leave your daily life, it may not be adequate to address a severe addiction to Klonopin.

There are both inpatient and outpatient Klonopin treatment options in Colorado, including The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake.

Klonopin Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Rehab For Klonopin Addiction

One of the things that holds a lot of people back from receiving Klonopin treatment is that they don’t know what to expect in rehab, so having a clear understanding of what rehab for Klonopin addiction is like is important.

Rehab for Klonopin addiction begins with an intake process, where you’ll speak to a coordinator who will help you determine what type of Colorado rehab option is best suited to your needs. You can then go through some questions that will be used to create an individualized treatment plan taking into account not only your addiction to Klonopin but addictions to other substances you might have, family history and more.

With Klonopin, the detox period can be difficult, and there can be severe symptoms, so interventions during this period may include medications and a supervised program.

Once you’ve completed detox, you’ll move onto the actual rehab for Klonopin addiction.

During this time the approach undertaken by The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake focuses on the fact that there isn’t one solution that works for everyone, and everyone needs a unique treatment plan.

Other important principles of rehab for Klonopin addiction include the fact that addiction affects your brain and behavior, and for treatment to offer the best chances of a successful recovery, it should address the whole person. There are so many areas of a person’s life that play a role in their addiction and need to be dealt with during rehab, such as mental health conditions.

Finally, while multiple elements of therapy are integrated into rehab for Klonopin addiction, one of the most critical is behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapy for Klonopin addiction usually includes a combination of individual, group and family therapy.

Once you have completed rehab for Klonopin addiction, your treatment team creates an aftercare plan, addressing the idea that for many addicts addiction is a chronic disease, and recovery requires lifelong management. Some patients may move from residential treatment to outpatient therapy or a sober living facility, depending on the situation.

Then, following these aspects of treatment, patients are usually encouraged to join a support group in their local community such as Narcotics Anonymous.

Does Insurance Cover Klonopin Rehab?

Does insurance cover Klonopin rehab for people in Colorado?

This is one of the most common questions we hear, and we always want to emphasize that there are multiple payment options available to people who want to seek treatment for an addiction to Klonopin.

Many private insurance companies cover the cost of addiction treatment, and they tend to see it as better to pay for the treatment than to pay for the years of healthcare that can result from an ongoing addiction. Coverage may be full or partial, and our Palmer Lake intake coordinators can work with you to determine what’s covered by your insurance.

There are also public health insurance options available, and outside of insurance, there are many financing options available to people who need treatment for Klonopin addiction throughout the state of Colorado and nationally.

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