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Do You Have a Codeine Problem?

If you started taking codeine because of a legitimate prescription, it probably seemed innocent enough, but as with any other opioid, it carries with it the potential for abuse and addiction.

Even if you were taking a codeine prescription as directed by your doctor, you might have found yourself in a situation where your use of this opioid was spiraling out of control. So, what can you do? Where can you turn if you have a codeine problem?

We encourage you to contact our 24-hour codeine hotline, which is free, confidential and can provide you with the resources you need to make a change in your life and live drug-free. Coordinators and addiction specialists at our Palmer Lake Recovery Village location can answer questions you have and even get you started on the path toward entering a treatment program if you contact our 24-hour helpline at 855-789-9197.

Signs you or your loved one could have a codeine problem include:

  • One of the first signs of a codeine problem usually occurs with a tolerance. This means that someone takes higher doses of the drug to get the same effects. The building of a tolerance is a common factor between abuse of all opioids.
  • If someone has a problem with codeine, they may doctor shop or try to feign symptoms to get more of the drug.
  • People who abuse opioids may start to become secretive, defensive or withdraw from friends or family.
  • When someone is abusing opioids including codeine their performance at school or work may start to suffer, and their drug use can interfere with relationships.

With codeine, it’s a less potent drug than some of the other more commonly abuse opioids, but if you suspect you have a problem with it or someone you love does, it’s important to get help by contacting our free codeine hotline because it’s often a gateway to other more deadly opioids.

What is a Codeine Helpline?

Our 24-hour codeine hotline is available to help people in Colorado including in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs and statewide, if they feel they have a codeine abuse problem, or someone close to them does.

Our 24-hour codeine hotline is completely free and confidential, and when you call you will speak to an expert addiction specialist who can answer questions you have, assess your addiction, and make recommendations about treatment options available to you if you’re ready.

Some of the things you can expect to discuss when you call our free codeine hotline in Colorado include:

  • The addiction specialist or intake coordinator will want to know more about the details of your codeine use. Some of the questions they may ask include when you started using codeine and why, how often you use it, and how much you use. It’s important to be honest because this is a safe, non-judgmental environment and these questions are a key part of learning more about you and your addiction to recommend the optimal treatment options.
  • The person you speak to at our Palmer Lake Recovery Village location will want to learn more about who you are as an individual in addition to learning about your addiction. They might ask as an example whether or not you have any co-occurring mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression. This is important because we offer dual diagnosis treatment, meaning when you come to our facility for a codeine addiction, we also work to treat underlying mental illnesses, for the most successful recovery outcome.
  • We will also speak with you about whether or not you’re ready to receive treatment, or if your loved one is.
  • If you are ready for treatment when you call our free 24-hour Colorado codeine helpline, we can often begin the intake and approval process while you’re on the phone. Many of the people who take the critical first step and call our codeine helpline can get into treatment within a day after making the call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Codeine Helpline

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to call our free Colorado codeine helpline, the following are answers to questions we often hear.

Can I Call For a Loved One?

Yes, you can call our codeine helpline if you suffer from a drug abuse or addiction problem, but you can also call if you’d like more information on behalf of a loved one. We often have people contact our codeine helpline if they want to have an intervention and want to prepare to get their loved one into a treatment program.

Is The Call Confidential?

Whenever you call our Colorado codeine hotline, you have the peace of mind of knowing the conversation is entirely confidential. Even if you don’t come for treatment at The Recovery Village, your conversation still stays private.

When Should I call a Codeine Hotline?

Our Colorado codeine hotline is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This gives you the opportunity to call when you feel comfortable, and receive the help and information you need. If you feel you’re experiencing an emergency, however, please don’t call the codeine hotline. Instead, contact 911 immediately.

Otherwise, if you want to talk about available treatment resources in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs or throughout Colorado, or even just have someone to talk to about your concerns, please call us.

What If I’m Not Ready For Treatment?

When you call our 24-hour codeine helpline, you can get information about treatment resources available to you and even start the intake process, but if you’re not ready for treatment, that’s okay also. We still encourage you to call our hotline.

National Toll-Free Hotlines

If you are in an emergency or life-threatening situation related to drugs or alcohol, please contact 911, where help is available 24/7.

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake: 719-602-0914

Emergency and Crisis Situations: Please dial 911

The National Poison Control Center: 800-222-1222

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-TALK (8255)

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