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Cities and towns across Colorado including Denver, Colorado Spring and Boulder, just to name a few have been seeing the damage of prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse including opioids painkillers as well as drugs like Xanax has been destroying lives not just in Colorado but throughout the country.

Are you facing an addiction yourself and you feel like your life is spiraling out of control as a result? Are you overwhelmed and wondering what the next steps should be since you’ve recognized you have a prescription drug problem?

Contact our free, confidential prescription drug helpline, available 24 hours a day. According to addiction specialists, contacting a hotline is one of the best steps you can take to begin a life that includes recovery and freedom from the grip of prescription drugs. In general, the benefits of a confidential prescription drug abuse hotline includes the fact that it’s an educational and informative resource that can offer you the answers you want regarding addiction and also treatment options.

What Happens When You Call a Prescription Drug Hotline?

Unfortunately one of the biggest factors that holds people back from receiving treatment is that they don’t know where to turn first, or where they can find resources.

That’s where a prescription drug abuse hotline comes into the situation.

When you call a prescription drug hotline such as the one we operate here at The Recovery Village, you’re connected with an addiction and intake specialist, who’s well-versed in the specifics of not just general addiction, but addiction to prescription drugs.

This person is a non-judgmental confidant whose purpose is to provide you with information and accessibility to resources that can help you begin the recovery process.

The conversation when you contact our Colorado prescription drug hotline will likely begin with a discussion of your addiction, or the addiction of your loved one. This can include questions about the extent of the prescription drug use, factors surrounding the drug use, and whether or not the user is also abusing other drugs in addition to prescriptions.

It’s important for the caller to be honest because our prescription drug intake specialists aim to provide the most comprehensive, information advice possible and that can’t be done without an honest understanding of the situation.

Some of the other things that may be discussed during a call to a 24-hour prescription drug hotline include the specific signs or symptoms of addiction you see in the user, and whether the person may have other underlying mental health issues.

What To Do In a Crisis

While you may be facing an addiction crisis, if you’re facing a crisis that’s life-threatening or an emergency it’s important that you contact 911 instead of contacting our Colorado prescription drug hotline. The hotline at The Recovery Village is to help people get into a treatment program, not to deal with something that’s life-threatening at that moment, such as an overdose.

What Else to Know about Calling a Prescription Drug Abuse Hotline

There are some questions people frequently have about a prescription drug abuse hotline and what to expect.

First, it is absolutely free to contact our Colorado prescription drug abuse hotline. There is no fee to call, and there are no payments required simply to make the call.

Second, who will you be speaking with? The people who answer our Palmer Lake, Colorado prescription drug helpline are addiction specialists with special expertise in the area of prescription drugs. They are support personnel for The Recovery Village, and they have a great deal of experience and compassion when it comes to working with individuals who may have a prescription drug abuse problem.

The third question we often hear is whether or not a call to our 24-hour prescription drug hotline is confidential. The answer is yes. It is completely confidential always.

What Information Can You Receive When You Call a Drug Hotline?

So what are the benefits of contacting a prescription drug abuse hotline, and what information might you receive?

While every situation is unique, first and foremost the person you speak to will be able to offer you overall information about addiction and available services. They can also highlight some of the specific options you might have regarding treating your prescription drug addiction and tell you about the varying lengths of treatment programs that are available.

Another big benefit to contacting a Colorado prescription drug hotline is the fact that you can learn more about how to pay for rehab. There is a sense of hesitation a lot of people have when it comes to whether or not they should seek drug treatment. Our hotline representatives can talk to you about various options to finance rehab treatment, and insurance options as well.

If you’re interested, your prescription drug intake specialist can go into the details of what happens during rehab, as well as what life after rehab might look like for you. You can learn more about specific elements of treatment such as medically-supervised detox, as well as the therapeutic elements of rehab, and what some of the supplemental activities are.

Ultimately making a call to our prescription drug abuse hotline is the best first step you can take right now to get on the path to recovery and removing prescription drugs from your life.

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