About Us

We’re a leading, full continuum care treatment facility for adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our 110-bed facility offers a peaceful and therapeutic location near Colorado Springs to provide a nourishing experience for the body and soul.

Because comfort is our priority, we can ensure a clean and safe environment. This focus is a cornerstone of our program and culture at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake.

Why choose us

The Recovery Village Palmer Lake is one of several facilities in the Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS) network that offers rehabilitation for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Established in 2012 by a team of medical and clinical professionals, ARS has helped hundreds of men, women and adolescents live healthier, happier lives with an advanced approach to patient care. The Recovery Village Palmer Lake uses the same approach, incorporating treatment that is evidence-based, comprehensive and individualized. We are also a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers.

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Stunning housing options

Professional, but hardly clinical. At Palmer Lake, we provide a number of therapeutic solutions for medical problems caused by drug abuse.

Our separate housing for men and women include spacious rooms and beautiful amenities. These are rooms made for rest, where real healing can take place. We also offer well-fitted therapy rooms made for one-on-one conversations or group counseling sessions.

Other healing amenities

While much of the work in rehab takes place in therapy sessions, our patients also need to heal on every other level such as spiritually, through new sources of pleasure and hobbies. We can provide safe and healthy outlets for every arena of life. Our facility also provides walking trails, a well-stocked gym, and common leisure areas.

What Our Patients Say

Carissa Berlet
Carissa Berlet
21:18 24 Jan 20
I sought treatment here after spending some time researching different facilities. I read all the reviews and spoke to several different staff members before deciding this is where I wanted to seek treatment. I am very pleased with the level of care that I received during my stay. The staff all provided a safe, healthy environment to recover in. I would recommend this center for anyone dealing with substance abuse issues or trauma experiences. Thank you Recovery Village.
ds9 ds9
ds9 ds9
20:41 24 Jan 20
Top notch facility great staff
jeff grant
jeff grant
20:03 24 Jan 20
1st rehab experience. Happy to say I’ll never need to come back. 5 stars.
16:55 24 Jan 20
Great place! Changed my life! The therapists/counselors care about your recovery but most importantly your life. I struggled with PTSD and self-worth. They gave me the skills to change my outlook on life. I know I can be happy and finally find peace. Would recommend to everyone.
Chad Rigert
Chad Rigert
23:23 23 Jan 20
A really amazing place for getting things back on track. If you put in the work you can change your life. Just like all addictions I’ve seen people relapse but the community is full of people supporting each other and they’ll let you come back. I’ve seen way more people walk out those doors well equipped to crush some life. Thanks to therapist Robert, Rob, Cindy, Ashley for managing my case, Kynzie, TONY, Chris, Tom, Doc Osh, Nikki, Zaria, Katy, Connie, all of the BHTs and nurses. Corey, Patricia, Jesse, Alyssa, Christy, Tina, Hannah, Jess, Lexi, Jesus, Shalise, Melissa, Wesley, Steve and Michael, Amanda for EMDR, Sonny, Eugene, Mindy, Marla, Darrell. If I forgot to put your name down, know that you still meant the world to me too.
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott
20:19 23 Jan 20
The level of care was fantastic all across the board. The facility itself is very comfortable and clean. Even has a homey feel. Food is great and pleantiful. For the care; 1st class in therapy. All therapists are well learned and easy to establish relationships with. Primary therapists take good care of their patients as well. Case management and financial issues are completed in an efficient and professional level. Doctors and nurses on site and accommodating. You will be glad you chose Recovery Village!

Getting started

One in five people who sign up for addiction care actually completes the work, according to a study in Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy.

Families who do their homework on premier drug and alcohol rehab facilities can turn those numbers around. We provide an ideal recovery environment at Palmer Lake.

Call us today to get started.

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