Why Does Crack Cause Aggression?

angry person with clenched fists

Crack can cause unexpected aggression. Find out why the drug causes violent behavior and what to do if you are addicted to crack.

Mixing Alcohol and Benzos

overdose concept, several benzo pills on table near bottle of alcohol

Alcohol misuse often occurs with benzo misuse, but the side effects of this combination are dangerous and can even be deadly in some circumstances. Learn more here.

The Difference Between Crack & Cocaine

closeup of 3 lines of cocaine on a table being separated by a user with a credit card

Despite crack cocaine’s reputation for being a more dangerous drug, it maintains similarities to its pure form — white powder cocaine. Learn more here.

What Does Heroin Look Like?

image of heroin being heated in spoon

Learn what heroin looks like, how it’s used and some slang names for this deadly opioid. Find out how to get addiction treatment for heroin if necessary.