The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake Joins the Aetna Insurance Network

Colorado rehab

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is now an in-network provider with Aetna, expanding coverage and access to drug and alcohol treatment programs for people in need of rehab and recovery. By partnering with insurance providers like Aetna, we can widen the network of care to reach more clients who want comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for addiction. Becoming an in-network provider … Read More

Prescription Opioid Overdoses Decline in Colorado While Meth Addiction Remains a Significant Threat

While Colorado celebrates the first reduction in drug overdose deaths since 2012, the state recognizes that most drug poisoning deaths are actually increasing. In 2018, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported 974 deaths from drug overdoses, a decrease from 1,012 in 2017. Prescription opioids specifically declined from 373 deaths in 2017 to 349 in 2018. Officials are … Read More

One In Five Colorado Teenage Deaths Caused By Suicide

depressed teen leaning against railing

For a long time, there has been a stigma surrounding mental health issues in the United States. Teens are no exception, as they often can feel embarrassed or ashamed to discuss conditions like depression and, in many cases, attempt to self-treat with substances like alcohol or drugs. In recent years, mental health has become part of a national discussion and … Read More

Kratom Popular in Colorado Despite FDA Concerns

Kratom leaves, pills, and powder sitting on top of a wood table

A relatively new drug is seeing a massive rise in popularity in the state of Colorado: kratom. Despite health warnings from the FDA about the drug, kratom is being sold in massive quantities throughout the state. What is kratom? This herbal drug, Mitragyna speciosa, originally comes from Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries. It interacts with the same … Read More

Native American Hospitals Expose Patients to Opioid Risks

Doctor writing an opioid prescription to a native american for mild pain

According to a new report from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General, hospitals may be putting Native American patients at increased risk for both opioid abuse and overdoses. The report sheds light on the fact that these hospitals aren’t following their own protocols for how they prescribe and dispense opioids. The federal audit was … Read More

Marijuana Use May Be Declining Where Legalized

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Research gleaned from new Youth Risk Behavior Surveys points to a decrease in adolescent marijuana use in states where pot is now legal. A 2018 analysis of multiple surveys conducted in states where marijuana is legal found a 9% decrease — not an increase — in the likelihood of frequent marijuana use. Additionally, a study of nearly 3,000 research papers … Read More

Colorado in the Midst of a Meth Crisis

Woman with a meth addiction experiences the side effects in Colorado

Meth use has been a problem in Colorado and other western states for decades, but the opioid crisis has taken the main headlines in recent years. Now, another substance is beginning to gain more attention as meth addiction and abuse is rising in Colorado. It may be surprising, but methamphetamine is now more fatal in Colorado than heroin. Crystal meth … Read More

Colorado Doctors Talk Pain Treatment: Medical Marijuana vs. Opioids

A doctor leaves marijuana on a prescription form for pain

The nation’s opioid crisis is still in full effect, and many doctors are looking to explore non-opioid options for chronic pain management. As of August 2, 2019, Colorado doctors have been granted a new possibility. With the enactment of SB 19-013, doctors in the state can now recommend medical marijuana in place of opioid painkillers. The decision does have its … Read More

Colorado Springs Apartments House the Chronically Homeless

Homeless man in Colorado sleeps outside

A new apartment complex in Colorado Springs is catered specifically toward people with nowhere else to turn. Created by the Springs Rescue Mission, Greenway Flats serves to help local people escape chronic homelessness and get back on their feet. Many people suffer from conditions that make it nearly impossible to maintain an income, which quickly leads to homelessness. For those … Read More

Is Decriminalization the Answer to Colorado’s Drug Addiction Crisis?

The Colorado state legislature building where they decide on drug laws

In 2020, a Colorado bill to reduce drug possession penalties will go into effect. According to HB 19-1263, the charge for possession of certain Schedule I or II substances will change from a felony to a misdemeanor. By effectively decriminalizing the use of many substances, fewer people in Colorado will find themselves in jail for drug-related charges. In addition, Colorado’s … Read More