3 Great Reasons to Choose Sobriety Today

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Addiction can be difficult, but choosing sobriety can help you out of the vicious cycle of a substance use disorder. There are an infinite amount of great reasons to choose sobriety today. Why wait until tomorrow to start reaping the benefits of a substance-free life? Thanks to a plethora of amazing Colorado addiction treatment resources available to you, you can feel … Read More

Does Accreditation Really Matter for a Drug Rehab Facility?

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Choosing a drug rehab facility can be a nerve-wracking experience. You may look for an attractive or informative website, responsive staff or a referral from a trusted friend as some ways to tell that a facility offers quality care. But how do you know which facilities will follow through on their promises to meet your needs while in treatment? The … Read More

How Serious Is an Alcohol Blackout?

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About 50 percent of adults report having at least one alcohol-related blackout in their lives, but is a blackout serious? What are the symptoms of an alcohol blackout? And what exactly causes an alcohol blackout? What Happens When You Black Out When a blackout occurs, you are awake and functioning for a period of time, but you don’t remember what … Read More

How to Survive Divorce After Rehab

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People often turn to drugs or alcohol in an effort to numb the pain caused by traumatic experiences. Maybe they’ve suffered verbal or sexual abuse as a child. Maybe they’ve experienced a natural disaster. Maybe they lost a loved one suddenly. Divorce can also be an incredibly stressful situation that can lead to substance abuse. But what if the divorce … Read More

Why Couples Therapy May Be a Part of Your Rehab Experience

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Married people or those in committed relationships who deal with addiction may wonder why their case manager or counselor recommends couples therapy as part of their treatment. After all, their spouse does not have an addiction, they do. Why should they need to attend counseling as well? How Couples Deal With Addiction If you have a substance use disorder, it … Read More

What Happens in a CRAFT Intervention?

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When most people think of an intervention, they probably envision a confrontational, one-time event in which friends and family members try to convince someone with a substance use disorder to enter treatment. While these types of interventions can be effective in some cases, they often backfire and cause the person struggling with addiction to feel like everyone is against them. … Read More

Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction: Exploring the Vicious Cycle

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There has been much discussion in the treatment community about whether depression and anxiety disorders contribute to addiction or addiction can be a cause of depression and anxiety. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It turns out that often, depression, anxiety and addiction create a vicious cycle in which all of them become entwined and difficult to separate. … Read More

Can A Colorado Employer Enforce Drug Testing Policies?

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Most American workers are familiar with the concept of workplace drug testing. It is not uncommon to consent to a pre-employment drug screening and random drug testing during the tenure of employment with most companies. However, you may not be familiar with what the specific rules of drug testing in the workplace actually entail. What rights do you have as … Read More

3 Common Excuses Not to Go To Rehab

Making the life-changing choice to enter a professional drug rehab program is far from easy for most people. Like any major life change, there may be many perceived barriers to rehab that can create numerous excuses to stay deeply entrenched in the disease. Only ten percent of individuals who are struggling with a substance use disorder in the United States … Read More

Identifying and Eliminating Codependence in Your Relationships

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Codependence and addiction: the two can go hand in hand. While it sounds like a positive, being codependent can be a problem in relationships. Is codependency a problem in your relationship? Knowing what codependency looks like can help you have healthier and happier relationships. What Is Codependence? Codependence is a controversial term. According to Dual Diagnosis, “to some, it’s a … Read More