What to Expect in Colorado Alcohol Rehab

Colorado alcohol rehab

When you enter Colorado alcohol rehab, you may not know what to expect, which can sometimes be scary or even keep you from taking the steps to get the help you need. Rehab does have challenges and things that are hard, but it also has many unexpected surprises that make it a positive and memorable experience. Here are some things … Read More

Mixing Meds and Alcohol: Avoiding Dangerous Interactions in Colorado

Colorado drug rehab

Using alcohol with other medications is something that requires careful consideration because many medications interact with alcohol in ways that can be dangerous. It is important to know which medications interact with alcohol so that you can stay safe by avoiding or limiting alcohol consumption when taking those medications. Symptoms of Alcohol and Medication Interaction The way alcohol can interact … Read More

When Do the Effects of Alcohol Wear Off?

Colorado alcohol rehab

The amount of time alcohol stays in your system is not an exact science. One drink equals 20 mg/dl in your bloodstream, which registers as a .02 blood alcohol level. It takes approximately one hour to metabolize in your system. The exact amount metabolized is actually .016 per hour, which means that drinking multiple drinks will cause some level of … Read More

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction: What Coloradoans Should Know

Colorado alcohol rehab

Americans are drinking more, and for some people, this drinking leads to an unhealthy addiction to alcohol. According to NBC News, there has been an increase in college drinking and also an “increase among women drinking more heavily.” High alcohol use is the third leading cause of death in the US, and it leads to 80,000 deaths every year, according … Read More

Colorado Substance Abuse Treatment Audit Reveals Gaps in Data Security

Addiction treatment

The Office of Behavioral Health in Colorado gathers pertinent information on thousands of substance abuse addicts receiving treatment every year. Unfortunately, a recent audit has discovered that policies put in place to uphold the security of such data have not been thoroughly followed by the office. Data May Be Vulnerable as a Result of Lapses in Data Security According to … Read More

Colorado’s War on Drugs Contributing to Overburdened Prison System

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When Colorado legislators reformed the state’s drug laws in 2013, the plan was to get non-violent, non-dealing drug users into treatment rather than sending them to jail. What actually happened was quite different. Colorado’s prison population has quadrupled over the past two decades, and the drug law changes of 2013 have only seemed to make the situation worse. A full … Read More

Understanding Ambien Addiction in Colorado Drug Rehab


Addiction to Ambien, a popular sleeping pill that contains zolpidem, can begin sometime after a person has trouble sleeping at night. Ambien is commonly prescribed by doctors because, if taken as directed, it is usually not addictive. Long-term use can lead to dependence, however, and some find that they cannot sleep without taking it after a period of weeks or … Read More

Exploring the Role of Exercise in Colorado Addiction Treatment

Person in a yoga pose with sunset in background

The term “mind, body, and spirit” is not something new and novel when talking about wellness and recovery. Many times in Colorado drug rehab programs, the focus is on brightening the spirit, clearing the mind of bad habits, and cleansing the body of harmful toxins. The body aspect of recovery does not stop here. Exercise is one of the best … Read More

Addressing Anger Issues in Colorado Rehab

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Recovering addicts experience all sorts of uncomfortable physical symptoms associated with withdrawal, including nausea, sweating, difficulty breathing, and heart palpitations, to name a few. They also go through a myriad of emotional symptoms as well, one of which is anger. In fact, anger is a very big problem for many recovering addicts and often complicates the recovery process. If you … Read More

7 Dangers of Mixing Meds in Colorado

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A recent warning by the FDA brought media attention to the dangers of mixing different medications, which often happens when people take medications for several different health conditions or abuse one drug while they take other medications for legitimate health reasons. Here are some dangers of mixing meds in Colorado and elsewhere. 1. Opioids and sleeping pills taken together can … Read More