How to Cope with Painful Emotions in Colorado Rehab

Woman with her hand on her head looking overwhelmed.

In addiction recovery, those with substance use disorders often have to confront painful emotions so that they can move forward on their recovery journey. If negative emotions are not dealt with through therapy and treatment, they will become risks for relapse after treatment is completed and addicts go back to their lives. In order to get the most out of … Read More

Where and How to Dispose of Unused Prescription Meds in Colorado

Doctor writing on a prescription holding a pill bottle.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that up to 70 percent of legally prescribed opioid medications remain unused, often lurking in medicine cabinets or other places in the home after they are no longer needed to manage pain. Unfortunately, these unused medications are at risk of being taken and used by a household member … Read More

What Is the Role of Free Will in Colorado Substance Abuse and Addiction?

Person sitting with a hooding covering his face with his hands.

Everyone has free will when it comes to making certain choices in life, but what about when it comes to using drugs and becoming an addict? People who have never been addicted to narcotics and have never felt the wrath and bondage of addiction tend to have a common belief that addicts who choose to continue to use drugs are … Read More

3 Ways to Use AI in Colorado Addiction Treatment

Person using their mobile phone.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves machine learning in which algorithms can measure data and use it to predict and sometimes modify human behavior. AI technologies are coming into use in the treatment of addictions and are showing promise in several aspects of the field of substance abuse treatment. Here are some ways to use AI in Colorado addiction treatment now and … Read More

New Biosensor Might Offer Help for Coloradoans with Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder treatment helps people stop using alcohol and become abstinent when their use is too heavy or causes problems in their lives like relationship challenges, DUI charges for driving under the influence, or even a car crash that injures themselves or others. Being in recovery usually means remaining abstinent indefinitely, since moderation likely did not work if or … Read More

Bath Salt Addiction in Colorado: What You Should Know

Group of people in a circle listening to a speaker.

Synthetic cathinones, otherwise known as “bath salts,” are a type of substance that produces many effects and symptoms when it is ingested, smoked, or inhaled as a drug. Bath salts have strong effects compared to many other drugs and can be very addictive. Although the substance in synthetic bath salts is chemically related to cathinone, a substance from the khat … Read More

What Happens to the Brain of Colorado Binge Drinkers?

Wooden letter spelling out binge drink.

The number of people who drink alcohol in unhealthy quantities grows every year, and Colorado is not immune to the plague. Some of these people are not defined by society as alcoholics but as binge drinkers. Binge drinking is when alcohol has been consumed in an extreme volume over a short time span. This is cited as five or more … Read More

Exploring the Effect of Gender in Colorado Addiction Treatment

A pink female symbol and blue male symbol.

Anyone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol should absolutely seek help to kick their habit, but how does treatment differ between men and women? Why do such differences exist in the first place? Addiction to drugs or alcohol impacts each person differently; however, the effects that are experienced often differ between genders. For this reason, men and women may … Read More

Cocaine Use in Colorado: What Does It Do to Your Body?

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Although cocaine abuse and addiction has been declining for some time, it is still a drug of choice for thousands in Colorado. Cocaine is a stimulant that can be snorted through the nose, rubbed on the gums, injected,  or smoked. It is sometimes mixed or combined with other drugs or alcohol, which can intensify or change its effects. How the … Read More

What Coloradoans Should Know about Mixing Cocaine and Alcohol

It is not uncommon for those who use drugs or alcohol to use multiple substances together for a number of reasons that may be interrelated. Coloradoans who use cocaine and alcohol together may do so because the two substances balance each other out or because they think it heightens the experience, but they are only putting themselves at risk for … Read More