Drug Interaction Alert: Why Hydrocodone and Alcohol Should Not Be Mixed

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Hydrocodone is a painkiller in many prescription medications like Vicodin and Norco. Taking hydrocodone with alcohol can be a dangerous or even deadly combination for many people because both hydrocodone and alcohol are nervous system depressants. Mixing Depressants: A Potentially Lethal Combination Depressants slow down your body’s systems. When you take two substances that both slow down your body’s systems, there … Read More

Benzos and Opioids Make for Bad Medicine

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 30 percent of overdoses involving opioids also involve benzodiazepines. Taking these drugs together has become more common as the number of benzodiazepine prescriptions has risen dramatically in the past two decades. What Are Benzodiazepines? Benzodiazepines, or benzos, are a class of drugs that act to slow down brain activity. Benzos … Read More

Identifying the Signs of a Klonopin Overdose

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Klonopin, or clonazepam, is a benzodiazepine used primarily to treat anxiety disorders. Klonopin can also be used to treat seizure disorders, sleep disorders and panic disorders. While Klonopin can be effective for treating anxiety and panic in short-term use, there is a great potential for Klonopin misuse. In as little as two to four weeks, a person can become dependent … Read More

Fingerprint Drug Testing May Help Fight Drug Abuse

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Fingerprints have long been used by law enforcement to identify specific individuals. Thanks to innovations in technology, fingerprint testing can also be used to detect the presence of drugs. A team of researchers from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom recently developed a test that identifies whether or not a person has misused cocaine over the recent past. Within seconds, … Read More

How to Prevent Vicodin Addiction

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Vicodin is a commonly prescribed opioid painkiller that is often used to relieve severe pain. It contains oxycodone and acetaminophen. While many people may assume that Vicodin is safe because it is prescribed by a doctor, there are some risks involved with taking it, including misuse and even addiction. The majority of people who take Vicodin do not become addicted … Read More

5 Benefits of Having an AA Sponsor

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Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, is a program that supports those in recovery from an alcohol use disorder through a variety of techniques. Many AA participants are matched with a sponsor or another AA attendee who supports and helps them. Here are some of the benefits of having an AA sponsor. 1. A Place to Turn When You Are Struggling Your … Read More

Colorado Sees Increase in Dangerously Potent Fentanyl

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The Northern Colorado Drug Task Force reported that it is seeing more fentanyl this year than it has previously. It also reported that the task force is working to get major heroin and fentanyl dealers off the street and restrict the supply of this dangerous synthetic opioid. The Colorado Springs area also reported an increase in fentanyl overdoses that would … Read More

What Is DMT?

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DMT is a hallucinogenic drug that produces a similar effect to LSD or mushrooms. The high produced by DMT is intense but short-lived in most cases. DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is found in several plants from South America and parts of Asia. The drug has often been used in shamanic religious ceremonies to produce more spiritual thoughts and visions. DMT has … Read More

How Addictive Is Hydrocodone?

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Hydrocodone, commonly known by the brand name Vicodin, is one of the most commonly prescribed opioid medications in the United States. While hydrocodone is effective against severe pain that is not helped by milder medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, it also has the potential to be addictive, especially with long-term use. How Hydrocodone Works One main reason for the addictive … Read More

Can You Overdose on Lortab?

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Sometimes you may start taking a medication for a valid reason and not know too much about what you are taking and how it might affect you over time. Lortab, for instance, is an opioid that is not as well-known or recognizable as some others like Vicodin or Oxycontin. But one form of this medication is the same hydrocodone and … Read More