Am I an Alcoholic? 4 Self-Assessment Questions for Colorado Drinkers

Alcohol rehab in Colorado

A newly published study in JAMA Psychiatry found that alcohol use and abuse both increased significantly from 2001 to 2013, when more than 40,000 adults were studied. After completing the study, JAMA called alcohol abuse a “public health crisis” due to the dramatic increases; alcohol use disorder increased 49 percent and high-risk drinking by nearly 30 percent in the study. … Read More

Is Rapid Detox Recommended in Colorado Rehab?

Rapid detox

Rapid detox is a process of clearing the drugs from an addict’s system in days rather than weeks, using medications to both block the effects of the drug and to sedate patients so that they do not feel the powerful effects of the rapid withdrawal. While rapid detox is sometimes seen as an easier way to get drugs out of … Read More

Colorado Construction Industry Workers at Increased Risk for Addiction

Substance abuse

A recent study by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that the construction industry has the second-highest level of substance abuse in the U.S. among workers ages 18 to 64. About 14.3 percent of construction workers had Substance Abuse Disorder and 16.5 percent drank heavily, according to study information. The insurance and risk management firm IMRI reported that … Read More

Colorado Pilot Program Expansion Provides Access to Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment

The use of medication-assisted treatment for opioid abuse has increased greatly during the 21st century. Medication-assisted therapy has been shown to reduce withdrawal symptoms, help opioid abusers function at work and with their families, reduce risks of often-deadly overdoses, and reduce criminal behavior and relapse. A bill recently passed by the Colorado state Senate and House and signed by the … Read More

Leveraging the Power of Art Therapy in Colorado Rehab

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Art therapy is offered by rehabs in Colorado as a way of expressing and articulating struggles, challenges, and feelings. Art therapy can supplement talk therapy and allow you to creatively express yourself in ways you could not do in talk therapy. How is Art Therapy Different Than Art Class? Art therapy takes place under the guidance of a trained, master’s … Read More

7 Myths about Addiction in Colorado

Addiction is an extremely challenging situation to overcome, and sometimes people make it even harder for those who are addicted by spreading or believing myths about addiction that simply are not true. Here are some common myths about addiction and the truth behind them. Myth #1: Enough willpower can overcome addiction. Unfortunately, many addicts believe this myth and remain trapped … Read More

How Serious Is Gambling Addiction in Colorado?

Gambling addiction in Colorado

Gambling addiction disorder constitutes a significant public health concern in America today. According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, 2.2 percent of American adults suffer from gambling addiction individually; this number does not represent others affected by the disorder, such as family members, co-workers, and loved ones. Recently, a study by WalletHub rated each of the 50 states according … Read More

7 Ways Drug Rehab Aftercare in Colorado Supports Recovering Addicts

Drug rehab in Colorado

After treatment at a drug rehab in Colorado, it is important to pursue aftercare to get the maximum benefits from your treatment. Here are some ways aftercare supports recovering addicts. 1. Aftercare helps you deal with issues of transition. Going back into “real life” is a huge transition, and you need support to help you make changes that will sustain … Read More

Re-Connecting with Your Core Values in Colorado Rehab

Addiction recovery

Core values give meaning and direction to your life, expressing who you are and what you firmly believe to be true and good. When combatting addiction, those same core values are often compromised, ignored, and outright abandoned as the disease takes control. Identifying your core values and re-connecting with them during treatment is crucial to facilitating strong, long-term addiction recovery. … Read More

Is In-Patient Treatment Necessary for Colorado Heroin Addicts?

Heroin is an extremely powerful and addictive opiate, and users often need help to get off the drug. While there are a variety of treatment options available for heroin addicts seeking help, it is important to understand the differences between them so you can choose the one that will work best for you. Medical professionals recommend that heroin addicts undergo … Read More