How Long Does Ambien Stay in Your System?

Bottle of Ambien pills next to a drawing of the human body to show its effects

Ambien is a prescription, brand-name sleep aid. Many people wonder how long does Ambien stay in your system? Ambien has an estimated half-life of around two-and-a-half hours. It can take several half-lives for a drug to leave the system fully — usually, it takes five to six half-lives for a drug to clear the system. Based on this half-life estimate, … Read More

Dangers of Loperamide High

User about to take Loperamide to get high due to addiction

Dangers of Loperamide High Loperamide is an over-the-counter drug used for the treatment of certain gastrointestinal symptoms and conditions, yet when used in large doses people can experience a loperamide high similar to that of an opioid high. Using loperamide as a way to get high can cause serious risks like problems breathing and heart complications. Death can also occur … Read More

Treating Opioid Addiction with Ibogaine

Ibogaine pills in a cup being used as a treatment for opioid addiction

Opioid addiction and dependence are significant problems across the United States. According to the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 130 people die every day in the United States from opioid overdoses. This statistic includes heroin, fentanyl and prescription pain medications. The opioid epidemic is described as a national crisis affecting public health along with the economic and … Read More

What Are Amphetamines?

Amphetamine pills displayed on a table due to a person with an addiction

What Are Amphetamines? People often wonder what are amphetamines, what are their effects and can you become addicted to them? Amphetamines are central nervous system (CNS) stimulators that vary in legality. For example, some amphetamines are used as medical treatments while others are illegal. Regardless of their classification, these substances can be addictive when used medically or recreationally. What Do … Read More

How Marijuana Affects the Brain

A man holding marijuana in a container to show its effects on the brain

How Marijuana Affects the Brain Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that’s a controlled substance. Many states, however, have moved to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana use. Even though attitudes about marijuana are shifting, there are potentially negative effects that can occur with its use. To address safety concerns, it’s important to understand the effects of marijuana on the brain … Read More

How Long Does Phenibut Stay in Your System?

Phenibut pills spilling out of a bottle next to an illustration of the central nervous system of a person

How Long Does Phenibut Stay in Your System? Phenibut is a substance often described as a nootropic, which some people say are substances with cognitive benefits. In the United States, Phenibut is sold as an unregulated substance or supplement, although in countries like Russia, it has a long history as a prescription anti-anxiety medication. The structure of Phenibut is similar … Read More

How Long Does Vyvanse Stay in Your System?

Vyvanse pills next to an illustration of the human body and heart to show its effects

How Long Does Vyvanse Stay in Your System? Vyvanse is a prescription stimulant drug used primarily for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults and children ages six and older. Vyvanse is also used to treat moderate-to-severe binge eating disorder (BED) in adults. The medication is taken orally and starts to work more slowly than similar drugs like Adderall. … Read More

How Long Does Valium Stay in Your System?

Depiction of the human body next to an image of valium pills in someones hand

Valium is a brand-name benzodiazepine. Its generic name is diazepam. Valium is used primarily for the treatment of anxiety but can be used for other symptoms and conditions as well. You may wonder how long does Valium stay in your system and this is a relevant question for a few different reasons. First, there is the potential to overdose if … Read More

What Is K2/Spice?

A person creating k2/spice using a test tube and beaker

What Is K2/Spice? What is K2? K2 or “spice” is a synthetic, psychoactive cannabinoid made with chemicals to create effects similar to marijuana. Sometimes K2 is described as synthetic marijuana or fake weed, but it’s not. Synthetic cannabinoids are not safe or legal alternatives to marijuana and the effects of so-called synthetic marijuana are much more powerful than the effects … Read More

Colorado Lawmakers Aim to Provide Addiction Treatment in County Jails

Detoxing in prison is an unfortunate reality for many inmates. Seventy percent of the more than 20,000 Coloradans that end up in jail each year have an addiction. Managing addiction is a major ordeal in prison, and many inmates end up detoxing in prison alone. Four inmates have died while detoxing in Colorado jails in the last five years, and … Read More