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Addiction treatment works best when it’s personalized.

Where we’re located


The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake

443 S. Hwy 105
Palmer Lake, CO 80133
(719) 602-0914


Getting here

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is located just minutes away from the Denver Airport. Our staff can do pickups right from the airport, and can plan arrangements to get you back home when your on-site treatment is complete.

Speak with an admissions counselor

Admissions coordinators are available by phone 24 hours a day to get the process started. Whether you’re calling for a loved one or for yourself, we’ll make sure to keep your privacy a top priority.

What Our Patients Say

Melina Strach
Melina Strach
23:21 10 Jun 21
I greatly enjoyed my entire experience staying here despite the circumstances. The entire staff was absolutely phenomenal. I would 100% recommend anyone looking to recover to go here. All meals are provided and they are all very good, but if the option is not something you are interested, the salad bar is awesome! The facilities were clean and the views are stunning and relaxing. The people you meet here are great, you definitely feel understood and not alone.
Daniel Church
Daniel Church
19:01 09 Jun 21
I had an awesome experience here!! I have been in 3 other treatments centers before and there's something different about this place. Their attention to detail and focus on treating the underlying issues; trauma, depression, suppressed memories, abuse, and anxiety was a great! ROLAND IS THE BEST!!
Dave Rechsteiner
Dave Rechsteiner
20:43 04 Jun 21
What an outstanding experience! Shout outs to Louie, Dr. G, Sam, Cindy, Heather, Roland, Robert.... the whole crew! Would definitely recommend you all to anyone! Dave from KC
Matt Bailey
Matt Bailey
19:35 04 Jun 21
The treatment I received was top tier, thanks to the staff and therapist.
Liz Burgess
Liz Burgess
19:20 04 Jun 21
I was so nervous coming here not knowing what to expect. The staff immediately made me comfortable. From then on I felt at home. The staff is so helpful and friendly. I met amazing people going through the same stuff as me. Highly recommend this facility.
An Alias
An Alias
18:48 04 Jun 21
Great place. Staff is awesome. Be open and honest - it’s the only way it’ll work

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