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Addiction treatment works best when it’s personalized.

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The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake

443 S. Hwy 105
Palmer Lake, CO 80133
(719) 602-0914


Getting here

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is located just minutes away from the Denver Airport. Our staff can do pickups right from the airport, and can plan arrangements to get you back home when your on-site treatment is complete.

Speak with an admissions counselor

Admissions coordinators are available by phone 24 hours a day to get the process started. Whether you’re calling for a loved one or for yourself, we’ll make sure to keep your privacy a top priority.

What Our Patients Say

Andrew Patrick
Andrew Patrick
00:16 15 Sep 21
Great place highly recommend. The staff is amazing and the groups and one on one therapy really helped me tremendously!! I recommend for anyone looking for inpatient treatment!
annette weiner
annette weiner
15:54 08 Sep 21
This place is AMAZING! If you are ready, truly ready, the beat your addictions, then PLR is the place for you!
21:56 07 Sep 21
Such an amazing team of folks. They treat the underlying issues past and present and set you up for success long after your time there. All the different areas are excellent. They work with you from minute one to make the physical process of recovery as comfortable as possible. The food is amazing. The accommodations are very good. The atmosphere is fantastic! Nothing but good things to say here.
Connor Orgill
Connor Orgill
18:32 07 Sep 21
Great community all around. Enjoyed my time there as well while learning very helpful information!
Kimberly Cessar
Kimberly Cessar
23:41 25 Aug 21
This was my first rehab and I was unsure what to expect, material and stay was amazing!! The staff is A-1 for the responsibilities they had and all willing to help! I wish there was more staff to help out though at times per current staff seemed stressed. Communication as well could definitely be better between clients and staff (not staffs fault seems to be communication from above). The new director Buck is not as involved/responsive with client needs. There is no Equine therapy and pool hours are depended on staffing, but they do their best. I would highly recommend Palmer Lake. Staff all has great knowledge and backgrounds to share. Lots of activities to keep you going. Would definitely recommend to a friend! Thank you!!
Brad Logsdon
Brad Logsdon
18:51 20 Aug 21
My time at Palmer lake was awesome!!! Arno,Rob,Cindy,Leslie,and BHT Heather were awesome...actually everyone on the staff from the front office to the lady who serves us food were absolutely wonderful. They treat you with respect and are always checking on how you are doing...would recommend Palmer lake to anyone who is thinking of going to treatment!!!

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