Online Recovery Meetings & Chat Rooms

Online recovery meetings can help you keep in touch with your support group so you can safely connect and work together during COVID-19. Learn the benefits and how it works.

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Organize and Attend Online Recovery Meetings from Anywhere at Anytime

Due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), social distancing has made it necessary for people to avoid in-person events like addiction recovery meetings. You may be staying at home to help your community, protect your family, or because you’re sick or caring for a loved one.

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t have to get in the way of your recovery. Free online recovery meetings can help you keep in touch with your support group so you can safely work together to stay sober.

What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect

  • Feel encouraged. Hearing other people’s similar experiences with addiction and recovery and telling your own story can bring you hope and comfort during the process.
  • Be accountable. Seeing your peers each week can instill more responsibility for your actions than going through recovery alone.
  • Cope with challenges. People in recovery can give you practical tools and helpful advice to cope with life’s challenges.
  • Grow relationships. Support groups are a place to make new friends, build trust and get a fresh start with people who are rooting for your lifelong recovery.

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  • Online AA Meetings: Online AA support groups, just like in-person ones, follow a 12-step program to recover from alcohol addiction. Some of these steps include admitting a lack of control, recognizing a higher power, self-reflection and making amends.
  • Smart Recovery Online Meetings: Smart Recovery online meetings are based on cognitive-behavioral therapy in a 4-point program. These meetings help people understand their own behavior and thought processes to change their actions moving forward.
  • NA Online Meetings: Also using a 12-step program, Nar-Anon online meetings are designed for people addicted to narcotics and drugs in general.
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