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The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is a clean, safe, soothing, and luxurious environment.

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What Our Patients Say

Josiah Smith
Josiah Smith
17:00 26 Jun 20
Amazing staff who truly cares about your recovery. Beautiful scenery and outdoor activities in the evening. The facility does need up kept but overall I would highly recommend it!!!
J Cummings
J Cummings
18:02 18 Mar 20
This place is awesome! I learned more about myself and the issues I was struggling with than I ever thought I would. If you or a loved one need rehab, I strongly recommend Recovery Village at Palmer Lake. I did alot of research and decided this was the place for me, do the same!
Ben Arnold
Ben Arnold
16:18 17 Mar 20
This place is amazing it has really done a lot for me. They go over more than just your addiction, they cover your mental and emotional health. I would highly recommend this facility!
Sherri Hill
Sherri Hill
20:02 13 Mar 20
I had a very stong,supportive experience at Recovery Village.Everyone was very helpful and friendly.
Chris Willard
Chris Willard
19:53 12 Mar 20
Excellent staff and program. This was my second experience with treatment and can't overstate how much better this was. I actually decided to stay twice as long because I felt I was getting so much from the program and was so comfortable there. Don't hesitate if you need help!
Jill Wiltshire
Jill Wiltshire
19:16 10 Mar 20
I loved my experience here! The counselors are fantastic and all of the financial counselors, case workers do all the paperwork for you for FMLA as well as short term disability through your employer for you. I didn't have to worry about anything because they took care of it all. I was able to focus on getting sober and gaining more sobriety. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs recovery.

Amenities & accommodations

Inpatient treatment

You’ll live in a well-appointed, clean, safe, and sober room, and your treatment team will be available to you around the clock. You won’t have appointments to keep or temptations to avoid when you’re enrolled in the acute program. Everything you need will be at your fingertips.

Medical detox

Here, you’ll have around-the-clock supervision from a team of medical experts that can help you move through symptoms of withdrawal safely, so you’ll be healthy at the end of the process and ready to move forward with rehab.

Outpatient programs

This might not be right for you if you’re new to addiction recovery, but when you’ve completed the acute phase of your care, you might need to stretch your wings and put your rehab lessons to good use. Outpatient programs at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake allow you to do just that.

Co-occurring disorders

Addictions often go hand in hand with mental illnesses, and when the two conditions come together, specialized treatment options are required. Every single treatment you’ll get will address both the addiction and the mental health concern.

Multidisciplinary approach

At The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, you won’t get help from just one person. Instead, you’ll have a whole team of people at your disposal, and they’ll all have something special to bring to your recovery journey.


Leaving the umbrella of the treatment facility can be an exciting time, full of independence and new lessons. With the aftercare support from The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, you’ll be able to tackle those lessons head on, without putting your recovery in jeopardy.

Stunning housing options

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake provides a number of therapeutic solutions for medical problems caused by drugs, but the facility itself is far from clinical. There are separate housing situations for men and women, and all of the rooms are outfitted with luxurious furniture and beautiful amenities. These are rooms made for rest and relaxation, so very real healing can take place.

In addition to resting places, the facilities also offer well-outfitted therapy rooms. Some are small, made just for one-on-one conversations, while others are large and designed to accommodate group counseling sessions.

Other healing amenities

While much of the work in rehab takes place in therapy sessions, people with addictions also need to heal at a spiritual level. They need new hobbies, new sources of pleasure, and new ways to blow off steam. At The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, people can get all of these benefits.

The grounds offer a number of recreation opportunities, including walking trails. People who want to get out in nature can do so here, and they may end up with a hobby that can support them through tough times.

Those who enjoy athletic pursuits may appreciate the facility’s well-stocked gym. Here, they can hop on exercise equipment to work through feelings of anger or nervousness, and they can use weights to build up muscles lost to drug use. People who prefer stretching to sweating may enjoy yoga sessions, which are also held on the grounds.