Art therapy is offered by rehabs in Colorado as a way of expressing and articulating struggles, challenges, and feelings. Art therapy can supplement talk therapy and allow you to creatively express yourself in ways you could not do in talk therapy.

How is Art Therapy Different Than Art Class?

Art therapy takes place under the guidance of a trained, master’s level therapist who can help you make sense of the meaning behind your art and how it relates to your treatment and recovery.

Art therapy has particular objectives beyond simply learning to make art. Some of those objectives include improving cognitive and sensory-motor functions, boosting self-esteem, improving self-awareness, fostering insight, and developing social skills.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Art therapy can bring out unconscious thoughts and feelings that would otherwise remain hidden, giving you new insights into yourself that can aid in treatment and recovery efforts. People often think symbolically even when they do not realize it, and creating an art piece can bring these ways of thinking to the surface so they can be discussed and processed.

Art therapy can help you express things that may otherwise be too overwhelming or emotional to put into words. This may help you process traumatic and painful experiences that may have contributed to substance abuse in a way that feels safe to you and may further your recovery in the process.

Another benefit to art therapy is that it can reduce anxiety. Recognizing the life-affirming qualities of creativity can help to refocus you on activities that support sobriety rather than focusing on the addiction.

Art therapy helps you express yourself without using words.

Creating art can help with visualizing techniques that are part of other treatment techniques by providing a concrete image on which to focus. Art therapy can also help you connect with a different part of yourself than the addicted part that may seem to be dominating your consciousness.

When you participate in art therapy, you may be less likely to act out in unhealthy ways. Some have said that art therapy fills the void that addiction had been trying to fill in their lives by giving them a safe, creative outlet that they did not have before.

Art Therapy and the Greater Community

Art therapy can be done in a group setting with members of the community or your family members. When you are comfortable sharing your expressions with others, art therapy can be a bridge of understanding for families and community members as everyone grows together.

Including the family and community in art therapy may help to destigmatize addiction and show family and community that you have many of the same feelings, desires, and motivations as they do. Being able to relate to each other through expressions of art can be a positive and affirming experience for everyone.

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