Xanax Treatment & Rehab in Colorado

So many people in Colorado have a problem with the prescription drug Xanax, which is classified as a benzodiazepine, and they’re not alone. Benzos as a class of drugs are among the most widely prescribed in the nation, and unfortunately, they also carry the risk of addiction.

A lot of people are prescribed Xanax to deal with anxiety or panic disorder, or they may take it recreationally as a way to relax or unwind, yet they soon find that they are unable to stop using it.

Addiction to Xanax or any other drug is a disease, and it happens because the drug changes how your brain functions. Your brain is introduced to the drug, which releases feel-good chemicals, and then you’re conditioned to want to continue to seek that substance out that led to those feelings, which in this case would be Xanax.

Addiction is defined by a cycle of cravings and drug-seeking behaviors that end up out of your control.

Because Xanax is so commonly used, people see it as harmless, but this isn’t the reality. It is a drug that can lead to a serious addiction, which in many cases needs to be treated in a professional rehab center, whether that’s somewhere in Colorado, or elsewhere. There are options in Colorado that can serve the needs of people from Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver and throughout the state, and also national options that may be appropriate to help treat your addiction.

Xanax Treatment in Colorado

So, what can you expect with Xanax rehab? Xanax addiction rehab provides an opportunity for people to break the cycle of addiction and get treatment for a chronic disease. There’s not necessarily a cure for addiction to Xanax or other substances, but instead, rehab provides the opportunity to get treatment that can last for your lifetime and help you avoid a relapse.

Different steps can be taken at a Colorado Xanax rehab center, but for the most part, inpatient rehab would include first a medically-supervised detox, and then the residential portion of treatment. Following that, the individual’s treatment team would address aftercare options and support programs to ensure long-term recovery is possible.

Xanax Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Treatment Centers for Xanax Addiction

So, what are the options for Xanax treatment? First and foremost there are inpatient facilities in Colorado like The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake. An inpatient residential treatment tends to offer the most opportunity for a successful recovery.

A Xanax treatment center should have a program that focuses on the whole person. This is because Xanax, like so many other addictions, is incredibly complex. It’s often given to people to treat a mental disorder such as anxiety or panic disorder, so there are these underlying issues that need to be addressed and treated, both regarding therapy and potential medicine-based interventions.

There’s also the fact that Xanax is infrequently abused on its own. Instead, people who are addicted to Xanax often have polydrug addictions, which means they may also abuse alcohol as an example, or prescription painkillers. The Xanax treatment facility you choose needs to be equipped to deal with all of the many issues that contribute to the addiction.

There are outpatient Xanax treatment options, but these tend to be best suited for someone who might abuse the drug but isn’t necessarily in the midst of addiction, or a person who is still in the very early stages of Xanax addiction.

Xanax Rehab in Colorado

First and foremost, you’re likely wondering “is there a Xanax rehab near me?” and the question is yes. Our Palmer Lake facility serves people throughout Colorado and the country. We can also offer you the opportunity to visit one of our rehab facilities outside of Colorado if that’s best suited to your needs.

Regardless of whether you choose a Xanax rehab center in Colorado or elsewhere, you need to ensure the facility approaches both the physical and psychological side effects of Xanax addiction.

The first step should be a medically-supervised detox, which for many patients is the most difficult part of treatment.

Xanax withdrawal can have some of the most severe symptoms of any drug withdrawal and can include everything from sweating and insomnia, to shaking and seizures. That’s why it’s so important that you have medical supervision and treatment during this period.

Once a person has safely detoxed from Xanax, their work toward recovery can begin.

At The Recovery Village, we focus our Xanax addiction treatment around the whole person. This means that you will likely participate in group and individual therapy and counseling including cognitive behavioral therapy, you may participate in family therapy, and you will also have supplemental activities that can help your recovery and help you regain coping skills you will need to re-enter the outside world free of Xanax and other substances.

It’s important that when you’re looking for Xanax rehab centers that they look at every patient as an individual, and approach their treatment plan as such.

Outpatient treatment is also available for Xanax addiction, as was touched on above, and it tends to be less expensive and require a much less significant time commitment, but it might not be right for everyone, and it might not be sufficient to treat an addiction to a powerful drug like Xanax.

If outpatient is what’s best for you it will usually include individual therapy and group therapy, psychiatric care when necessary, and other supplemental counseling. With outpatient treatment at a center like our Palmer Lake facility, usually these patients have already undergone inpatient treatment and are transitioning back into their daily life with outpatient treatment.

Your length of stay can vary, and it may be anywhere from 28 days up to 90 days, and with any addiction including Xanax, the longer that’s spent in the facility, the better chance you’ll have of avoiding a relapse.

Following your stay at a rehab center, you will also work with your treatment team on an aftercare plan to ensure you’re prepared to be successful in your life without drugs.

Xanax Addiction Recovery

When you or a loved one is right in the midst of an addiction to a drug like Xanax you may be wondering if recovery is even possible, and it is. There are people every day who successful stop using Xanax, but you have to get the right help.

Our team of Xanax addiction recovery specialists can speak with you about what the next steps should be, and how you can move forward in your life without being a prisoner to Xanax.

Xanax addiction help is available locally in Colorado, and we also have facilities around the country.

Does Insurance Cover Xanax Rehab?

Once you understand a bit more about what happens during the Xanax addiction recovery process, you might wonder about the technicalities such as how you would pay for rehab.

We never want someone to feel like they can’t get Xanax addiction help because of a lack of financial resources, and people are often surprised to know that under the Affordable Care Act, many insurance companies do cover Xanax addiction treatment or at least a portion of it.

The intake coordinators at The Recovery Village can work with your insurance company and determine what’s covered, and answer questions you may have, as well as helping you with the approval process. If you don’t have insurance there are also other payment options available to you, so contact our intake specialists.

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