Alcohol Treatment & Rehab in Colorado

Alcohol abuse and addiction are serious and often deadly problems, yet they’re all-too-commonly faced by people in Colorado, around the country, and around the world. When you struggle with an alcohol abuse or addiction problem, you might feel like you have nowhere to turn, but there are local alcohol addiction treatment options available for people who live in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and throughout the state.

Below we’ll cover some of the alcohol abuse and addiction treatment options available for people in Colorado, and nationwide, and answer common questions about rehab for alcoholism.

Alcohol Treatment in Colorado

Alcoholism is also referred to as alcohol use disorder, and it refers to being out of control when it comes to your drinking. An alcohol abuse problem can include many different elements such as binge drinking large amounts at one time, having negative consequences such as hangovers with your drinking but continuing anyway, and drinking despite the desire to stop.

Alcoholism or alcohol use disorder is considered a disease, and the introduction of alcohol at high levels ultimately changes the way your brain functions which is why it’s so difficult to stop.

There are alcohol addiction treatment options available, but it’s important that they speak to the complexity of alcoholism. People often think that if they just try hard enough, they can stop, but ultimately that’s not the case.

The first step to alcohol addiction treatment is learning your options, such as whether inpatient or outpatient treatment is best for you, and exploring what happens at rehab centers for alcohol. There are treatment centers in Colorado, such as Palmer Lake as an example, as well as national treatment centers.

Your alcohol addiction treatment options can include varying lengths of time, different approaches, and different philosophies, and often your success depends on choosing the right option for you as an individual.

In addition to in-depth therapy at a rehab center, people often find that pairing this with alcohol addiction treatment medication can be helpful. Of course, there’s no pill that will instantly cure you of alcoholism, but there are medications for alcoholism that can be helpful when used with psychological and social support and treatment.

Alcohol Abuse & Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

The term alcohol addiction treatment center is often used interchangeably with rehab centers for alcohol. There are alcohol addiction treatment centers in Colorado, such as Palmer Lake, and around the country and these centers specialize in helping people in an in-depth way be successful with their recovery from alcohol abuse and addiction.

Alcohol addiction treatment centers and rehab centers for alcohol usually first include the intake process and a medically-supervised detox. Then, the staff works with patients once they’ve fully detoxed from alcohol to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses not only the person’s addiction to alcohol but any other substance use disorders they may have, and underlying mental health concerns.

There are both inpatient and outpatient treatment options, but inpatient rehab centers for alcohol tends to the best option if you are an alcoholic and have a severe problem. An outpatient program might not be sufficient to address your needs otherwise.

Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

If you suffer from alcoholism or an alcohol abuse problem, you may be apprehensive about seeking treatment simply because you’re unsure of the unknown. You may wonder what alcohol rehab is like and you may have logistical questions such as how long does rehab for alcoholism take.

First and foremost, there are differences in inpatient and outpatient rehab for alcoholics. Inpatient rehab for alcoholics is a form of intensive therapy, and the goals of most of these programs, whether in Colorado or elsewhere, is to help people understand their problem and then give them the tools they need to overcome their addiction to alcohol.

Many people describe inpatient rehab as a type of summer camp, where you’re living with other alcoholics, and you also have a full-time support team around you. You will attend daily group and individual counseling sessions, and there is structure to your routine.

While there are some standard elements of rehab for alcoholics, you will also have an individualized treatment plan that will begin during your initial evaluation either before detox, or when you first enter rehab if you’re not going through a detox program.

So how long does rehab for alcoholism take?

This really depends on the person. Most rehab programs last for anywhere from 28 to 90 days and then outpatient and follow-up care plans are usually implemented. With that being said, rehab for alcohol may be shorter or longer for some people. In general, participation in a program that lasts for at least 90 days tends to yield the best outcomes for the patient.

How Much Does Alcohol Rehab Cost?

Along with being unsure of what to expect, people also are fearful about seeking treatment for alcoholism because they don’t know how much rehab will cost for alcohol. The cost for alcohol treatment varies depending on the type of treatment center and program. There are non-profit centers that might provide rehab free of charge and luxury rehab facilities that can charge up to $80,000 a month, but that’s not standard.

Most treatment centers for alcoholism cost around $2,000 to $25,000 per month.

So, does insurance cover rehab costs for alcohol?

Yes, in many cases insurance plans will cover some or all of the cost of a treatment program for alcohol. You can contact your insurance provider, or when you choose a facility, their intake team can work with your insurance to determine details such as what services will be covered by your plan, how long insurance will cover your stay, and what your co-payment will be.

Inpatient Treatment For Alcohol Abuse

For a lot of alcoholics, inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse is the best option available. This is for many reasons. Inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse allows you to leave your environment and fully commit to your recovery. You’ll have intensive therapy, and inpatient treatment tends to get to the heart of the problem with alcoholism and underlying issues that contributed to it.

You may be wondering is there an inpatient rehab for alcohol near me?

The answer is yes. In Colorado, The Recovery Village operates an inpatient facility in Palmer Lake. This center serves people from Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver, and statewide. It also serves people from around the country, and The Recovery Village has facilities in other national locations if you prefer to travel to receive treatment for alcoholism or alcohol abuse.

How long is inpatient rehab for alcohol? Again, this depends, but at least 28 days, and it can go for several months, depending on your needs and the severity of your alcohol abuse problem.

Outpatient Treatment For Alcoholism

What about outpatient treatment for alcoholism? This is less expensive, and you can continue your daily life and maintain your responsibilities while receiving treatment, but it tends to be more effective for people who simply have an alcohol abuse problem, rather than full-blown, severe alcoholism.

There are also excellent options for outpatient rehab for alcohol abuse in Colorado, if this is the treatment option you feel is best for you.

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