Adderall Treatment & Rehab in Colorado

Colorado is in the midst of the gripping nature of the opioid epidemic that’s also affecting the rest of the country including prescription painkillers and heroin, but other drugs are an issue in the state and nationwide as well.

In general prescription pills are the leading cause of overdose deaths in the world, and people become hooked not only on culprits like opioids and benzodiazepines but also drugs like Adderall.

Adderall is a drug that’s commonly abused by college students, so addiction problems with this particular drug may be more prevalent in towns like Boulder, but prescription drug addiction can impact anyone whether they’re a college student in Boulder or a professional in Colorado Springs.

Adderall is prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, but unfortunately along with having potentially negative consequences this drug is also habit-forming. People may start using Adderall on a recreational basis, and then they become addicted to it.

So where do you turn if you have an addiction to Adderall, and what are your treatment options in Colorado and elsewhere?

Adderall Treatment in Colorado

Adderall is all-too-often looked at as a harmless drug that can be used to help students stay up longer and study, by young professionals to focus more on their work and improve productivity, as a way to lose weight or stay thin, or as a drug that leads people to be able to stay up and party for long hours.

All of the effects of Adderall are based on the fact that if you take it and don’t have a medical reason for using it, it acts as a stimulant. If you take high doses of it, it can create a sense of euphoria, make you feel social, create a sense of self-confidence, and of course, allow you to stay up without sleep for long periods. It also reduces the appetite of users, so it’s frequently used particularly among young females as a way to stay thin.

Taking Adderall speeds up the processes of the user’s body, and this can lead to the risk of health side effects such as high blood pressure and heart attack, and there is also the risk of addiction.

If you feel you are addicted, treatment for Adderall addiction may be necessary.

The risk of an addiction to Adderall is higher among recreational users who don’t have a prescription, people who increase their dosage outside of their doctor’s instructions, or people who take Adderall more often than prescribed.

Some of the signs that someone might need treatment for Adderall addiction include doctor shopping to get multiple prescriptions, faking symptoms to getting, buying it or stealing it illicitly, and being preoccupied with using it or how to get more of it.

People who are addicted to Adderall may also continue to take it even when there are negative consequences, their relationships and lives may suffer, or they may keep taking it even when they try to stop. These are all red flags that treatment for Adderall addiction may be necessary.

Adderall Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Adderall Rehab in Colorado

Once you’ve recognized you have a problem with Adderall, you may be wondering how to find the right Adderall addiction rehab program. There are several options available including inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Adderall Rehab

The first rehab for Adderall addiction program would be inpatient. An inpatient program will involve a residential component, and people generally stay for anywhere from 28 to 90 days, although this varies based on the individualized treatment plan. You could go to inpatient Adderall rehab in Colorado, or travel out of state.

There’s also the option to do an outpatient Adderall addiction rehab program. In this scenario, you continue with your daily life and then also do rehab including individual and group therapy sessions.

Some different factors play a role in which Adderall addiction rehab program is best for you.

If you have a severe addiction, or you’ve been using Adderall for a long time, inpatient may be best. With Adderall, there are also frequently other things that need to be addressed at the same time as the addiction itself. For example, people who are addicted to Adderall may have underlying eating disorders or anxiety that makes them feel like they need to strive for perfection and enhance their school or work performance with substances. If there are co-existing mental disorders, it can be important to participate in a comprehensive inpatient rehab for Adderall.

With either inpatient or outpatient Adderall addiction rehab, there will be an emphasis not only on stopping your use of the drug but also on how to cope with triggers in your life that might cause you to relapse. It’s as much about not using Adderall as it is about teaching you lifestyle skills that can help you be successful in your recovery over the long-term.

Adderall Addiction Treatment Centers

Regardless of whether you go with inpatient or outpatient Adderall rehab, what’s important is that you get Adderall addiction help sooner rather than later. It’s also important that you are ready to accept what you learn during rehab, and that you choose the right treatment center for your needs.

You need a treatment center that creates a unique treatment plan not just for each drug, but for each patient. You are an individual and the circumstances leading up to your Adderall addiction and surrounding your abuse of the drug need to be treated as such.

The best Adderall addiction treatment centers focus on individualized treatment plans and aftercare planning.

Does Insurance Cover Adderall Rehab?

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to getting treatment for Adderall addiction. Being addicted to Adderall can lead to negative health outcomes, and it can lead to serious mental health conditions over time such as psychosis and depression.

Many people wonder if insurance covers Adderall rehab and in a lot of cases it does. Our intake coordinators at Palmer Lake can not only help you decide what type of rehab for Adderall addiction is right for you but also work with your insurance company. If you don’t have insurance or you have public insurance, we can also work with you to help you cover the cost of this essential treatment.

Adderall Addiction Help

Stopping the use of Adderall is difficult, and in many ways, you have to retrain yourself to go back to your normal life and function without it. It can feel lonely to think that you have to conquer this challenge, but Adderall addiction help is available whether you’re in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, or anywhere else in Colorado. At The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, we also work with patients nationwide.

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