Aurora Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Treatment Resources

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Colorado is one of the states with the most abuse of opioid painkillers, alcohol, marijuana and cocaine in the country. For citizens of Aurora, Colorado, addiction is a significant issue that can destroy families. According to the Center for Disease Control, the death rate from drug and alcohol overdose in Colorado is greater than the national average.

The most commonly abused drugs in Colorado are alcohol and marijuana. While these drugs are both legal in Colorado, that does not mean that they are not destructive in the lives of individuals and families. Methamphetamine, heroin/opioids and cocaine are the next three most abused substances in the state. According to the National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services, over 40,000 people were treated for drug and alcohol addiction in Colorado in 2010.

Luckily, for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol in Aurora, Colorado, there are numerous resources. Help is always available if you are willing to accept it. Although there is a stigma associated with addiction in this country, we know that addiction is a disease. Just like patients with chronic illnesses, if you suffer from substance use disorder, you deserve treatment that is going to be effective. If you are interested in learning more about the resources that will help you to find the treatment you deserve, please continue reading. We can help find the right Aurora drug rehab or drug treatment facilities in Aurora, Colorado for your needs for full recovery.

In Aurora, these resources are available to help those who are addicted to either drugs or alcohol or who may face multiple addictions. For those patients who are ready, there is a way to conquer addiction once and for all. When you are seeking help for substance abuse you want to make sure you know the best options for drug rehab centers in Aurora, Colorado as well as the best places to get alcohol treatment in Aurora, Colorado.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Aurora, Colorado

Seeking help for substance misuse can be overwhelming. The first step should be to investigate treatment at a rehabilitation facility. There are several options available in and around Aurora, Colorado. Each individual situation is unique, and everyone will respond differently to the various treatment programs. Below are the types of treatment available in Aurora, Colorado. Whether you are looking for alcohol rehab in Aurora, Colorado or drug rehab in Aurora, Colorado we have the expertise and treatment program to help.

Residential Treatment Programs – Patients recovering in a residential treatment facility are monitored 24/7. This is a good first step and often the best option because the patient doesn’t need to control his/her environment by the use of sheer willpower. Before entering a residential treatment facility, patients need to have completed most of the detoxification process.

Partial Hospitalization Program – Partial hospitalization provides access to 24/7 healthcare. The patient’s environment is still somewhat controlled, however, a certain level of autonomy and motivation to succeed is necessary for this treatment plan to be successful.

Outpatient Treatment Programs – An outpatient treatment program is typically a day program that offers counseling, support groups, classes and structure, but allows patients to live at home, provided they have a supportive environment. Some outpatient programs have onsite housing, but patients are not monitored around the clock.

There are many advantages when it comes to using a national brand of treatment centers. You will be able to escape from your environment and concentrate fully on recovery. Why not explore all the options available to you? The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is an excellent resource for those who suffer from alcohol and/or drug addiction looking for an Aurora drug rehab center or Aurora alcohol rehab center. If you are looking for an exceptional drug treatment facility then The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is a great option.

Finding the right treatment

How do you choose the best treatment center for you? If you are trying to decide where to seek treatment for your drug and/or alcohol addiction, you may find the weight of the decision to be overwhelming. You may also want to consider a national treatment center.

The Recovery Village Palmer Lake

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Detox Centers

Patients should consider that visiting a treatment center that will address all aspects of addiction is essential. You don’t want to attend a facility that is just going to focus on detoxification. You want to attend a facility that will help you with the detoxification process, of course, but this is only the beginning of your recovery journey. You want to make sure that you work with addiction specialists who understand that.

In Aurora, Colorado, there are several options for those who need to undergo the detoxification process. While there are local facilities in which to go through the detox process within the community, the best thing you can do is leverage a national brand of recovery centers. In a national treatment center like The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, there will be addiction specialists and experts to help you begin your pathway to recovery. You will be surrounded by the best addiction professionals, and they will help you to receive the most effective treatment possible for your substance use disorder.

Recovery Meetings Near You

After your treatment at a rehab is over, the work is not finished. Starting a recovery program that works for you is crucial. Fortunately, in Aurora, Colorado, there are numerous options for recovery programs and support group meetings. To learn more about these programs or meetings, see below.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

For over seventy years, Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of people recover from alcohol addiction. The twelve steps of AA offer a spiritually-focused guide to managing the day-to-day journey of sobriety. Once someone completes inpatient, outpatient and/or detox treatment, AA meetings can provide a critical piece of the aftercare treatment plan.

Meetings Near Aurora, Colorado

  • Crossroads
    Where:Heather Gardens
    2888 S. Heather Gardens Way
    Aurora, CO 80013
    When: Sunday 9:15 AM
  • New Direction
    Where:Bethel Lutheran Church
    1450 Airport Blvd
    Aurora, CO 80011
    When: Wednesday 6:00 PM
  • Friends N Recovery
    Where:UC Health
    12605 E 16th Ave
    Aurora, CO 80045
    When: Thursday 6:30 AM
Explore Your Options – 844-697-5507

NA Meetings

Like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous is another 12-step group that is essential to the pathway of recovery for many people. Just as AA meetings can be an important part of aftercare for the recovering alcoholic, NA meetings can be essential for the recovering drug addict that has completed detox, inpatient treatment and/or outpatient treatment. Below is a list of NA meetings in the Aurora, Colorado area.

Meetings Near Aurora, Colorado

  • NA Meeting
    Where:CeDar – Center for Dependency, Addiction, and Rehabilitation
    1693 Quentin Street
    Aurora, CO 80045
    When: Sunday 6:15 PM
  • NA Meeting
    Where:Bethel Lutheran Church
    1450 Airport Blvd
    Aurora, CO 80011
    When: Thursday 7:30 PM
  • NA Meeting
    Where:Bethel Lutheran Church
    1450 Airport Blvd
    Aurora, CO 80011
    When: Tuesday 7:30 PM
Explore Your Options – 844-697-5507

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART recovery is a recovery group like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. Instead of the 12 steps, it has a 4-point program that empowers people to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. SMART recovery can be another valuable tool in a patient’s aftercare program once they have completed a drug detox program as well as an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. The 4-point program in SMART recovery offers the tools for recovering addicts to build and maintain motivation, cope with urges, manage thoughts and feelings as well as behaviors and live a balanced life.

Meetings Near Aurora, Colorado

  • SMART Recovery
    Where:DuPont Counseling Services
    12101 E 2nd Ave #100
    Aurora, CO 80011
    When: Wednesday 12:00 PM
  • SMART Recovery
    Where:DuPont Counseling Services
    12101 E 2nd Ave #100
    Aurora, CO 80011
    When: Thursday 6:00 PM
  • Explore Your Options – 844-697-5507

    Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

    Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are organizations that hold meetings for friends and family members of recovering alcoholics and/or drug addicts. The effects of alcohol and/or drug addiction are felt not just by those in recovery, but by those who love and support them. Being the loved one of a drug addict or alcoholic can be challenging, and self-care is an essential part of staying healthy. These meetings also provide invaluable tools to loved ones that can help the recovering addict as well. Below is a list of Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings in the Aurora, Colorado area.

    Meetings Near Aurora, Colorado

    • Al-Anon Meeting
      Where:Spirit of Christ Catholic Church
      7400 W 80th Ave
      Arvada, CO 80003
      When: Monday 7:00 PM
    • Nar-Anon Meeting
      Where:Holy Love Lutheran Church
      4210 S Chambers Rd
      Aurora, CO 80014
      When: Wednesday 6:30 PM
    • Al-Anon Meeting
      Where:All Saints Lutheran Church
      Aurora, CO 80013
      When: Thursday 6:00 PM
    • Explore Your Options – 844-697-5507

      With so many options for treatment, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We know the weight of this struggle. Call us, we’re here to help.


      Clinics in Aurora, Colorado

      In Colorado, someone dies of a drug overdose every nine and a half hours, and deaths related to opiate overdose now exceeds that of traffic deaths. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, heroin overdoses are also up over 350% in Colorado since 2011.

      Recovered drug addicts who are addicted to opioids such as prescription painkillers or heroin may want to consider medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Please see below for MAT options near you.

      Aurora Clinics

      There are numerous options to treat substance misuse in Aurora, Colorado. It can be overwhelming to find the best treatment center. We can help you in your search if you contact us today. Help is out there, but it can be difficult knowing which option to choose. Call us today and we can help walk you through the process and find the best resources for your needs.

      Methadone Clinics

      Methadone is effective because it changes how the brain responds to pain, and it also blocks the euphoric feeling produced by drugs like heroin, codeine and morphine as well as drugs like hydrocodone and oxycodone. Patients receive this medication at a methadone clinic as it is only legal to dispense through an opioid treatment program that has been certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Below is a list of the methadone clinics that are closest to Aurora, Colorado.

      Clinics Near Aurora, Colorado

      • Aurora Methadone Clinics
        ARTS Univ of CO Health

        1330 South Potomac Street, Suite 104-A
        Aurora, CO 80012
      • Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Serv
        2222 East 18th Avenue
        Denver, CO 80206
      • Denver Health and Hospital Authority
        777 Bannock Street, Unit 9
        Denver, CO 80204
      Explore Your Options – 844-697-5507

      Suboxone (Buprenorphine) Doctors

      Like methadone, Suboxone is also an opiate replacement therapy which can make detoxing from opioids less overwhelming. Suboxone also changes the way the brain responds to opiates and when taken as prescribed can reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, reduce cravings and block the effects of opioids. Unlike methadone, Suboxone does not have to be dispensed by a certified clinic, but it does have to be prescribed by a doctor who is It is most beneficial to pair Suboxone with counseling and support groups.

      Doctors Near Aurora, Colorado

      • David Christopher Baez, M.D.
        1360 South Potomac Street
        Aurora, CO 80012
      • Shabana Jiwani, M.D.
        1360 South Potomac
        Aurora, CO 80012
      • Mauricio Waintrub, M.D.
        1360 South Potomac Street
        Aurora, CO 80012
      Explore Your Options – 844-697-5507

      Vivitrol (Naltrexone) Doctors

      Unlike Suboxone and methadone, Vivitrol attaches to the opioid receptors, preventing the release of dopamine in the brain. By creating a barrier, the dopamine reward system is inhibited. In order to take Vivitrol, patients must be free of all opiates for a minimum of 7-14 days so that the patient doesn’t experience sudden withdrawal symptoms. Vivitrol is prescribed and administered once a month and is not habit forming. Like all other medical treatments, Vivitrol has the greatest chance of permanent success when paired with counseling and recovery programs. Below is a list of of doctors in Aurora, Colorado who administer Vivitrol.

      Doctors Near Aurora, Colorado

      • Mednow Clinics Inc
        14991 E Hampton Ave
        Aurora, CO 80014
      • Ivor Garlick, M.D. Office
        1211 South Parker Road, Suite 100
        Denver, CO 80231
      • Center for Recovery
        2121 South Oneida, Suite 412
        Denver, CO 80224
      Explore Your Options – 844-697-5507

      Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

      For those who suffer from drug and/or alcohol addiction, help is available. There are several surrounding communities outside of Aurora who have the resources needed for you to successfully beat your addiction. All have facilities, doctors, counseling and support groups to aid you. With these resources, you will be well on your way towards long-term recovery.

      Local Communities Served

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