When someone in your world needs treatment for a drug addiction, it becomes an urgent task to find the right rehab facility for your loved one. Do you search within your home state for the best rehab center? Or might a better option be an out-of-state rehab facility?

There are good reasons and benefits to taking rehab away from home. Placing someone with a substance use disorder out of state and away from familiar surroundings is a positive step to getting away from bad influences. Others feel that it’s better for someone in the public eye in one part of the country to go out of state for treatment and care.

Those who attend an out-of-state rehab treatment center are not alone. Millions of Americans every year go into a drug rehab program. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about 23 million people fell under an addiction to drugs or alcohol, but only about 10% were able to get treatment at a rehab center. Those that did showed a 12% higher completion rate when the rehabilitation treatment was located out-of-state. Studies show that drug detox treatments also are more effective when used on out-of-state patients.

Weighing the Benefits

Deciding which treatment program to enter, whether in-state or out-of-state, vary for individuals and families. Let’s look at some of the benefits below for going to an out-of-state drug treatment program.

Avoiding A Walk Out

One of the real concerns felt among loved ones of rehab patients is the possibility of a walk out. The last thing you want is for someone with a substance use disorder to leave inpatient treatment too early. What can you do?

It’s important for someone with a substance use disorder to acquire treatment and new skills to help them maintain sobriety. The best thing a loved one can do is to remind the person with a substance use disorder that the pain being felt is temporary and that the person will get better. Also, you can remind them of why they are in rehab and the consequences of their addiction. Doing this with a mix of love, support and kindness will go a long way in keeping the user at the facility.

Higher Quality Treatment

Drug rehab treatment centers are not all equal. Some centers offer far better treatment care, methods, and support for working with patients with a substance use disorder. It is definitely worth learning more about the best possible drug treatment centers for your own situation.

Keeping One’s Privacy

Well-known public figures, from politicians to celebrities, often attempt to keep their alcohol or drug abuse issues under wraps by ‘vanishing’ to an out-of-state rehab facility for a spell. This is beneficial to someone with a substance use disorder, for it gives the person a chance to clean up without any public scrutiny. There are numerous drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the U.S. which cater specifically to public figures to help minimize the public knowledge of their rehab efforts.

No Visits From ‘Friends’

It’s critical that during inpatient treatment, there are no visits from non-supportive friends and acquaintances, who may be a type of ‘trigger’ for someone with a substance use disorder. They may say things or infer why continuing substance use is easier than recovery.

Eliminating these relationships with existing drug users, and keeping them away from the recovery stage, is one of the best things a supportive family member can do to help the someone with a substance use disorder. These people don’t have the patient’s best interests at heart and could become a major obstacle in recovery.

Insurance Coverage

Of course, some families are more inclined to select an in-state treatment center for someone with a substance use disorder. The reasons for this can range from wanting to use a statewide family insurance plan to help offset the costs of the treatment, or maybe just to be a little closer to the patient; to be able to provide personal local support on a daily basis.

Also, fees and other costs for the drug treatment may be eligible for in-state tax exemptions or insurance exemptions. When you are looking for the right treatment center, it’s important to double check with your insurance carrier to find out what costs might be covered for drug or alcohol treatment both at an in-state facility and an out-of-state facility. If finances are limited, using a local treatment center might be the more affordable choice, as it would lessen the travel costs involved to and from an out-of-state rehab facility.

Finding the right drug & alcohol treatment center for your loved one is an important and sometimes critical decision. You should really look for the type of drug recovery center that invests in its patients with care, empathy and medical needs. Look for a treatment center that:

  • Works hard to help those with a substance use disorder get off drugs or alcohol dependence.
  • Strives to help patients to attend treatment for extended lengths of treatment time.
  • Extends support after the initial treatment with facility follow-up and post-treatment information.
  • Interests the patient and family with alternative therapy suggestions for someone with a substance use disorder

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