Will Insurance Cover the Cost of Drug Rehab in Colorado?

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Updated 04/05/2023

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Many people wonder whether their health insurance will cover the cost of their drug rehab in Colorado. Coverage can depend on several factors, including the type of rehab you need and what kind of insurance you have.

Private or Public Insurance

Most private insurance has some mental health coverage, and because of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, group plans that include more than 50 employers are required to cover substance abuse treatment.

Insurance through the ACA will also cover substance abuse treatment, but some plans not through the ACA may not have mental health coverage. Your treatment facility should be able to tell you how much of your treatment will be covered by insurance and what your costs will be after the portion your insurance covers.

Private insurance may be expensive if your plan has a high deductible or copay, or if coverage is limited. If your plan does not cover enough of your treatment to make it affordable, signing up for an ACA plan, Medicaid, or Medicare may help to give you the coverage you need, although some Medicaid and Medicare plans may not cover some or all parts of treatment.

Military insurance (Tricare) does cover some limited substance abuse treatment, and has a lifetime limit of three treatments. While public insurance is often less costly than private options, it does tend to be more limited in what kind of treatment it covers, and may also be more limiting in where you can go to get treatment.

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Other Options When Insurance Does Not Provide Coverage

Coverage may be available through your employer even if it is not required by law, so talking to your employer is always a good first step. Many treatment centers have assistance programs and payment plans so you can pay for your treatment over time rather than all at once.

The cost of not getting treatment is likely to be far higher than doing what you need to do to get help in overcoming your addiction. Finding a way to pay for treatment may seem difficult, but letting the addiction continue without treatment will also be costly in ways not limited to money.

You should not assume that your treatment will not be covered or let fears that you cannot afford treatment keep you from getting the help you need. Substance abuse is a dangerous, life-threatening illness that needs treatment immediately to save the life of the abuser.

Treatment for substance abuse is not something that can wait until the circumstances are right. Getting your life back on track will allow you to once more be a productive citizen and, if necessary, you can pay off your treatment stay when you are able.

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake provides a number of treatment options and works with insurance to cover the costs of treatment services as much as possible. Learn about admissions to our programs and how you can benefit from treatment.

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