What You Can Expect to Pay for Rehab

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Last Updated - 08/10/2023

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Updated 08/10/2023

What You Can Expect to Pay for Rehab

When you’re searching for the right treatment center for you or a loved one, you’d hate for the price to stand in the way of getting the right kind of treatment. Often, people will let the price of treatment deter them from seeking out treatment in the first place. In fact, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health has found that lack of financial resources or health insurance is the second most common reason people don’t seek out treatment in the first place.

However, we believe that treatment should be available for anyone, no matter your current financial standing. Below we illuminate what factors will influence the overall cost of rehab. There are a variety of treatment methods available, and some will end up costing more than others spending upon the level of treatment you require and the substance you’re addicted to.

For those who are still using the price objection as a reason to not seek out treatment, there are a variety of affordable treatment options available.

The Reality of Drug and Alcohol Treatment

When people think of rehab it’s not uncommon to immediately envision lavish and luxurious settings that cater to high-end customers. This style of rehab has been glamorized by celebrities and even shows like Celebrity Rehab. However, there are alternative forms of rehab. You don’t have to go into debt, or invest your life savings, just to gain freedom from your addiction.

The cost of rehab will vary depending on the treatment center you choose and how in-depth the level of treatment you require. Some facilities will even offer sliding scale payment options in order to cater to people who can’t afford to pay a higher price point.

Put simply, there’s a rehab center out there who’s willing to work with you and your financial situation. Don’t let price be a limiting factor.

What Are Rehab Costs Based Upon?

Going to a treatment center that has a track record of success will greatly reduce your chances of relapse and make the transition into a sober life that much more comfortable. Below we highlight the main factors that will influence the total cost of rehab:

The Level of Care Required

The more intensive treatment you require the more expensive your stay will be. For instance, inpatient treatment programs that require on-call staff, and medical monitoring will cost more than outpatient programs that offer basic levels of group therapy.

The Level of Staff Attention Needed

The more staff required to assist you throughout the rehab process the more expensive your treatment will be. For instance, if you require an in-depth medical detox and a long term stay at the facility your costs will be much higher than a person who only requires a short-term stay.

The Location of the Facility

The total cost of your rehab will be influenced by the local economy. For instance, a stay at a luxury facility along the coast of California will be more expensive than a stay at a rehab facility in the Midwest. This doesn’t mean that the level of care will be any different, but simply that the location of the facility and income levels in the surrounding areas will dictate the price of treatment.

The Duration of Treatment

The longer you stay at the treatment facility, the more expensive your stay will be. Think of this as going on an extended vacation and staying at a hotel. Long-term care is going to be much more expensive than a short term stay, or a simple detox.

However, those who stay at a treatment facility for a longer period of time tend to have lower rates of relapse and longer periods of sobriety.

Is Treatment Worth the Price?

Many people claim that it’s possible to get sober on your own without the help of rehab. This is technically true, but it’s much more difficult, and those who succeed in achieving sobriety this way generally aren’t the norm.

When thinking about the overall costs of rehab it’s easy to get caught up making monetary comparisons. However, we have to factor in the emotional, lifestyle, and health consequences of being addicted to drugs or alcohol. When we’re addicted we sacrifice our personal and mental health, we sabotage our relationships and even cause ourselves massive financial strain.

Think of the initial cost of drug and alcohol rehab as an investment that will help to get your life back on track. It’s hard to quantify the monetary value of living a happy and fulfilling life. But, we’re sure that your life is much more valuable than the total cost you’re going to pay throughout your treatment.

Often, you can talk to a rehab counselor at the facility of your choice to see if they have any alternative payment plans available. Your insurance provider might also be able to cover a portion of your rehab costs, depending on your level of coverage and the kind of treatment you require.

If you’re interested in making the decision to go to rehab, then reach out to our team of trained professionals today.

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