Which Medications Are Used to Treat Addiction in Colorado Drug Rehab? July 12th, 2021 The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake
Blog & News Which Medications Are Used to Treat Addiction in Colorado Drug Rehab?

Which Medications Are Used to Treat Addiction in Colorado Drug Rehab?

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Addictions in Colorado can be powerful and challenging to treat. Medications are sometimes used to break the hold of strong addictions and stop addictive behavior in Colorado and elsewhere that could lead to a fatal overdose. Medication-assisted treatment is carefully controlled so that withdrawal is minimized while the hold of the addiction is broken. This substitution therapy is often needed when addiction has been long-term so that underlying issues can be dealt with separately from withdrawal and cravings.

There are a number of medications that treatment professionals use to treat addictions, with some medications proving to be more effective than others with different drugs.


Widely used for opioid addiction, methadone can be administered by an injection or in oral form to prevent withdrawal without making the user high. Methadone works on the same part of the brain the opioid does, but the right dose needs to be given to get the proper effect, and taking too high a dose can depress breathing and be dangerous to the user. Users need to get methadone on a daily basis from a clinic.

Treatment success for opioid addiction is only 5 to 10 percent without methadone or other medications but reaches 60 to 90 percent success with methadone use.


This is a shorter-acting drug that has similar effects to methadone and can be taken in different forms like a skin patch, a pill, or an implant that lasts six months.


This drug only works when opiates are out of your system because it will not prevent withdrawal symptoms. What it does is prevent opioid drugs from absorbing into your system so you cannot get high even if you do take drugs.


Containing Buprenorphine and Naltrexone, Suboxone works similarly to methadone to ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms and can be a good alternative for those who cannot take methadone. People with certain health conditions including asthma, liver or kidney problems, cannot take suboxone, however.


An alternative to opioid painkillers, tramadol can help those with chronic pain and reduce the chances of abuse and dependence, although tramadol can potentially still cause dependence in some cases.

Other medications may be needed to manage co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety, and some of these medications may interact with medications for addiction treatment. Medical professionals can help to manage all your medications so that you get the best benefits from them and avoid side effects.

While it may seem admirable to go through withdrawal and detox completely from all drugs, the low success rate of detox, particularly from opioids, without assistance from substitutionary medications is prohibitive to overall treatment success. Using medications to assist with treatment is, in many cases, the best way to help people overcome the overwhelming urges that come with addiction.

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