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Updated 12/18/2023

Pueblo, Colorado has a drug overdose rate of more than 20 per 100,000 residents, which makes them the highest in the nation, according to the Colorado Health Institute. Drug abuse is taking lives all over the state but in Pueblo especially. The state rate of drug overdose has doubled since 2000 and Pueblo has the highest rate of opiate drug overdose with drugs like heroin.

Methamphetamine, heroin and prescription opiates like oxycodone are on the rise. Legality of a drug does not dampen the potential devastation abuse can cause like with marijuana, alcohol and prescription medications.

Drug addiction is destroying families and ripping apart lives in Pueblo. With the drug epidemic taking over lives and causing the crime rate to increase in the area, people are searching for a way to break the cycle of drug addiction and abuse. In this guide, you will find information about different types of rehabilitation centers, local meetings you can attend in Pueblo, Colorado, and more resources to help you battle your substance use disorder.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers in Pueblo, Colorado

Though the drug addiction problem is rising in Pueblo, there is help available for those who are willing to seek it. There are a number of different facilities, which will guide you through recovery. Depending on the severity of your addiction, one of these options may be a good fit for you.

Residential Treatment Programs

residential treatment program or in-patient program is one where the patient stays on-site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are under the care of medical professionals, who monitor you through detoxing and guide you through other treatments. The success rate for those who are removed from the environment where they used drugs is higher than those who stay where they are.

Partial Hospitalization Program

This option is also known as “dayhab.” Some of the same services are offered as with the residential treatment programs. However, you spend your nights at home.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Those who receive help early in their addiction and have a drug-free environment to live in, or have already gone through in-patient programs may find outpatient treatment programs offer the support they need to maintain sobriety.

In Pueblo, there are many centers available for treating your drug and/or alcohol addiction. However, how do you decide which one is right for you? What do you do if you’re not able to break away from an unhealthy atmosphere that could lead to more drug use? Choosing a national treatment center where you can totally remove yourself from the environment and give yourself the opportunity to heal and grow could be the best option for you. The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake serves the Pueblo, Colorado area and has a number of experts on-hand and offers the above-mentioned treatments and much more to help you to be a better version of yourself.

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Detox Centers

Detoxification is often the first step in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. Detox can be incredibly dangerous, especially when you are dealing with a severe drug dependence like with an opiate. Often, the detox process is facilitated by trained medical professionals to monitor your progress and keep you safe. In Pueblo, Colorado there are several detox centers available. Which one is the best suited for your needs? Again, a detox center is a first step toward being drug-free.

Nationally branded treatment centers offer a broad range of services that a detox center doesn’t. In addition, you will be able to put distance between you and where you developed your drug and/or alcohol dependency to make a fresh start. Taking advantage of the opportunity to begin your treatment in a national treatment center puts you in a better position to recover from your substance addiction and to stay clean. You will have access to a number of experts and under their care, you will learn how to manage your addiction.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Once an alcohol or drug addict has completed the different steps in his recovery (detox, inpatient, dayhab or outpatient) continuing maintenance is important. Addiction can be managed over time, but it does not disappear. Finding and participating in recovery meetings can keep you on this path of drug and alcohol dependency recuperation.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a community-based organizations that helps alcoholics to maintain sobriety through a 12-step program and meetings. After you’ve detoxed alcohol from your system and have completed an inpatient or outpatient program, AA can help your continued recovery. The support groups are maintained and attended by other people striving to maintain their alcohol-free status. Being a part of a group extends beyond your treatment at a recovery program can be a crucial part of becoming and staying sober. Here is a list of AA meetings available in the Pueblo, Colorado area.

Meetings Near Pueblo, Colorado

Our Lady of the Meadows
23 Starling Dr at Pennwood Lane
Pueblo, Colorado

Great Escape Discussion
1332 E Hwy 50 By-Pass
Pueblo, Colorado

Daily Reprieve
220 W. 10th Street
Pueblo, Colorado

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is another 12-step program like AA, but this one helps people who are recovering from drug addiction. After completing a residential or dayhab treatment program, NA helps you to maintain sobriety through group meetings. People who are in recovery organize, lead and attend NA meetings. Just like Alcoholics Anonymous, NA membership is free. Listed below are NA meetings in the Pueblo area.

Meetings Near Pueblo, Colorado

Alano Club
320 Clark Street
Pueblo, Colorado

Select Pawn
617 West Northern Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado

Step into Recovery
509 Colorado Avenue
Suite H
Pueblo, Colorado

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery shares many similarities with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery is an alternative group utilizing a 4-point program instead of 12 steps. SMART Recovery is an additional service empowering those in after completing detoxification, inpatient and/or outpatient treatment at a rehabilitation facility. SMART Recovery’s 4-point program provides tools to reinforce and sustain motivation, manage cravings and monitor habits to live in balance.

Meetings Near Pueblo, Colorado

SMART Recovery
Cedar Springs Hospital
Colorado Springs, Colorado

SMART Recovery
2906 Beacon Street
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

The struggle with addiction begins with the person with the substance issues, but it extends into the family. In order to create a safe, healthy environment for the person in recovery, it’s important for the family to receive support as well. The family may need to learn how to deal with this new lifestyle even if it is a positive one and how to assist in its maintenance. In Pueblo, Colorado there are several meetings available.

Meetings Near Pueblo, Colorado

2506 Lake Ave
Pueblo, Colorado

121 W Adams
Pueblo, Colorado

228 W Evans Ave
Pueblo, Colorado

Addiction Resources in Nearby Cities

In the neighboring cities, there are resources that you should consider when thinking about where you want to want to start your treatment. Removing yourself from a potentially detrimental environment and allowing experts to treat you will help you to begin the next stage in your life. At The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, you can receive that guidance in addition to treatment to give you the tools to stay sober.

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Grand Junction
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Each day in America, 1000 people are treated for opiate overdoses in emergency departments throughout the country.* Drug addiction is a serious problem for everyone in the United States. It’s so important that you find the treatment you need if you are struggling with substance use disorder. Give us a call at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, and we can help you to discover the healing you need to begin your path to recovery.

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All calls are 100% free and confidential.